LeBron James Claims He Dreams About Fictional Basketball With Michael Jordan

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LeBron James clacked off an all-time absurd take about Michael Jordan and his dreams.

The Los Angeles Lakers star is known for playing pretty fast and loose with his claims, but this one is truly next level.

He tweeted Sunday that he regularly dreams about watching with Michael Jordan a UNC/Duke national title game that is tied at 94 with just five seconds left.

Then, before finding out who wins in this *VERY REAL* dream LeBron apparently often has, he has to wake up to use the bathroom.

“Never get to the end. Anyways felt real as hell,” the four-time NBA champion claimed.

Does anyone believe this claim from LeBron James?

Of all the things LeBron James has ever claimed, go ahead and put this one right at the top of the list for being most ridiculous.

It’s just too insane to be believable. If it was a one time thing, perhaps we would buy it. However, that’s not LeBron’s claim.

LeBron James makes insane claim about dreaming about Michael Jordan. (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

He says this fictional title game tied with five seconds left in his dreams being interrupted by needing to use the bathroom “happens all the time.” Recurring dreams happen. That’s a fact, but this is way too specific. It’s so over the top.

This claim might be even better than when LeBron claimed he knew Kobe Bryant was going to hang 81 on the Raptors. It’s definitely better than when he claimed he listened to Migos before they released their first mixtape or when he said he needs to learn how to flop.

Remember, LeBron has made so many outrageous claims he’s been given the meme treatment.

Seriously, what was LeBron thinking when he hit the send button on these tweets? It’s almost like he’s just screaming for attention. Could he be telling the truth? Sure, but for now, this claim goes on the list of things we’re just not believing.

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