Kyle Busch And Joey Logano Fight, NASCAR Wives For Daytona 500, Danica Patrick Super Bowl Party, Samantha Busch In Mexico

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How long does it take to walk from the booth in the LA Coliseum to the field? Because that’s about how long it took to give us our first fight of the 2023 NASCAR season.

And that might be a record!

Shockingly, this war of words involved a pair of quiet, laid-back, relatively unknown names in the garage …

Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. Ever heard of them?

One guy called the other a two-faced liar and an a**hole (those tiny stars are s’s, in case you were curious) and the other pretty much told him to stop being a little baby.

We’ll pull back the curtains in a bit.

Elsewhere, Danica Patrick and Clint Bowyer partied for the Super Bowl, the Busch Clan got detained in Mexico but Samantha wasn’t fazed, it’s officially Daytona 500 week and we revisit some OG NASCAR wives in one last look back at the offseason.

But yeah, most importantly … it’s Daytona 500 week!

Four tires, enough fuel to get us from the top of the Coliseum to the field, and one good tug on that seatbelt as we head to Daytona, Monday Morning Pit-Stop – the ‘Liar Lair, Pants On Fire’ edition – is LIVE.

Kyle Busch calls Joey Logano a liar, and the NASCAR champ is OK with it

OK, let’s jump right in.

Kyle, start us off! How’d we feel about Joey Logano punting you during last Sunday’s Clash?

Oh, well … OK then!

Busch claims Logano basically whispered sweet-nothings into his ear before the race in the FOX booth, and then wrecked him when the green flag waved.

Look, everyone was wrecking everyone last weekend – sort of hard not to when the track is the size of my backyard – so I’m gonna give a pass to Joey here.

Speaking of … Logano, you’re up!

Still can’t get over Joey Logano’s new moss up top. Jarring stuff.

“Am I two-faced? I agree with him. 100%. There’s nothing wrong with that … Nice guys finish last.”

Love that. Need more of it. And, frankly, Kyle Busch is that, so Rowdy needs to nut up and punt Joey back at some point this season like a man.

And, if I know Kyle Busch, I’m sure he will …

Kyle Busch faces prison time and Samantha sends out a heater from Mexico

… just don’t bring a gun, Kyle.


Oh yeah, that’s right. Kyle Busch was detained and arrested last month at a Mexico airport for illegally bringing a gun in the country and faces three years in prison.

And you think you’re having a rough Monday!

Busch and wife Samantha visited a lush Mexican resort for some R&R late last month and Kyle claims he forgot his handgun was in his carry-on. Whoops!

Authorities found it, got pissed, detained him and then slapped him with a tiny fine and three years in jail.

Now, Kyle Busch is obviously not locked away in a Mexican jail because he raced last week against that two-faced Joey Logano. Remember?

So, I don’t know what any of it means, but my guess is maybe Busch steers clear of Mexico for a few years? Shouldn’t be too hard, although OutKick OG Samantha may miss it.

Danica Patrick parties with Chiefs fan Clint Bowyer at the Super Bowl

From one racing legend to another, we go from Kyle Busch to … Danica Patrick?

OK, not exactly a legend, but hey, Danica was OK! Kind of.

Anyway, the former NASCAR driver apparently took up golf over the weekend while she was out in Arizona for the Waste Management, and set the internet ablaze Saturday when she asked for some help off the tee.

Yours truly broke it down like game film here, but, in short, I called BS on this being Danica Patrick’s first time swinging a club. Didn’t buy it then, still don’t buy it today.

You don’t hit little punches like that on Day 1. Sorry.

Anyway, Danica took in the third round of the Waste(d) Management Saturday, and then linked up with old buddy Clint Bowyer Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Bowyer, the former NASCAR driver-turned-FOX-analyst, is a diehard Chiefs fan, which seems like a good thing to be nowadays.

And, no, I do NOT expect Bowyer to have a voice this morning. No shot.

Danica Patrick throws a NASCAR Super Bowl party.
NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer loves the Chiefs.

Forget the Super Bowl, it’s finally Daytona 500 week

OK, enough of the stupid NFL, it’s NASCAR season.

Side note: there is no worse feeling than waking up the Monday after the Super Bowl and realizing you don’t get football again until September. Nightmare City.

Anyway, NASCAR’s Super Bowl takes center stage this week, with a full slate of shenanigans leading up to Sunday.

We have media day Wednesday, the Twin 125s (yes, I know they’re not called that anymore, but they are here) Thursday, the truck race Friday (where everyone will crash), the ARCA race Saturday afternoon (speaking of crashing) followed by the Xfinity (Busch) race and then Sunday’s Daytona 500.

What a week!

Chase Elliott is your co-favorite going into the race, and he’s actually your championship favorite going into the season. Probably not a bad bet, although Clyde has pretty awful 500 luck, so I wouldn’t count on that one.

Of course, if NASCAR follows its script like the NFL did, I’d throw a little money Bubba Wallace’s way this Sunday. Just a hunch.

Sterling Marlin tells Dale Earnhardt Jr. he received death threats over 2001 Daytona 500

Holy cow. What a damn pivot, huh!?

I know I know, I’m sorry. Don’t want to bring the mood down, but this seems relevant considering we’re headed down to Daytona.

Sterling Marlin – a NASCAR legend in his own right who’s still killing it at 65 – joined Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast last week and not only walked into the room in the only way Sterling Marlin could, but he then opened up to Junior about that miserable day back in 2001.

I don’t think I need to rehash it all, because at this point – some 20+ years later – either you know what happened or you just don’t care. But, in short, Sterling was at the center of the wreck that ultimately killed Dale Earnhardt.

Anyway, he received death threats after that day, and apparently went to Junior the following Thursday at Rockingham and asked for his help. Earnhardt then went to the press conference room and basically told everyone to back off and get a life.

Here’s the clip, along with Sterling bringing Junior a 30-rack of Bud Heavys because he’s a legend.

And yes, I know. This ain’t the Sterling Marlin we’re all used to, he’s obviously struggling with the Parkinson’s. Still one hell of an interview, though.

And ode to the NASCAR offseason

All right, let’s lighten the mood on our way out, shall we?

And what better way to do that then with one final look back at some of my favorite NASCAR offseason memories, and a reminder going into the new season that this sport has some TALENT in the garage area.

First, our trip down offseason memory lane!

Daniel Suarez got engaged, Bubba Wallace got married and had a McDonalds food truck at the reception, Ross Chastain got wild during an office Christmas party, Ryan Blaney crushed it with his Hooter’s girlfriend at the LIV finale and we had a wild Bahamas wedding!

All caught up?

We had a wild NASCAR wedding at the Bahamas this offseason.

Respect the NASCAR wives as we head to Daytona

Finally, on our way out, Part II … let’s revisit the moment that really kicked this offseason into high gear back in November.

I’m talking about the NASCAR Awards Banquet in Nashville, of course, where we broke down some of the couples pictures in the only way OutKick could.

I’ll leaver you with a couple of the OGs as you head down 95 to beautiful Daytona Beach.

And for those of you heading down, here’s a tip: The Brickyard about two miles east of the track will give you some good racing nostalgia (and they have Busch Light!), and there’s a place called Four Rivers right across from the track that has some of the best burnt ends you’ll ever have.

And nothing says NASCAR like burnt ends.

Ryan Blaney.
Ryan Blaney and Gianna Tulio. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)
Zane Smith and McCall Gaulding are a NASCAR power couple.
Zane Smith and McCall Gaulding are up-and-comers in the NASCAR world. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
NASCAR wives show out as always.
Have a day, Chase Briscoe!
Daniel Suarez got engaged over the offseason to Julia Piquet.
Ross Chastain had a breakout season in 2022!

Written by Zach Dean

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