Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Celebrate Being Filthy Rich In St. Barts

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Justin Verlander and Kate Upton celebrated their $86 million contract with the New York Mets by decking the halls in St. Barts.

The two lovebirds headed south for the winter earlier this month to bronze up ahead of their Big Apple debut, yucking it up with the locals and soaking up the sun.

Shockingly, the happy couple looked like a million bucks!

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton.
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton had a great time! (EliotPress/MEGA)
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander.
It’s all fun in the sun for Justin Verlander and Kate Upton. (EliotPress/MEGA)
Kate Upton rocks a blue bikini with Justin Verlander in St. Barts. (EliotPress/MEGA)

Justin Verlander, Kate Upton ready to take on New York

Can’t wait for the Kate Upton-Mets era to take off in a few months. Our girl is absolutely electric when it comes to fandom, and I can’t think of a better fanbase-spouse fit.

Verlander and the Mets agreed to a cozy little 2-year, $86 million deal earlier this month, making the 40-year-old the new No. 1 in New York (for the Mets, at least). The deal came less than a week after the Mets lost former ace, Jacob deGrom, to the Texas Rangers.

While #MetsTwitter was excited to bring in a guy like Verlander, it obviously paled in comparison to the real news: Upton, who last month went AT IT with a Phillies fan during the World Series, is now a New York Met.

What a damn match!

No wife in baseball stirs the pot more than Kate Upton, and I only expect it to ramp up in New York.

Glad the longtime couple is taking some time to cut loose in St. Barts first, too. Need our girl to be 100% ready to go when pitchers and catchers report in a few months.

PS: How about the bathing suit Justin’s rocking, too? I know everyone clicked on this story to see Kate Upton’s attire, and I get that, but Verlander going with the hiked up suit is something I didn’t see coming.

Also … wearing a watch in the ocean? Insane move.

Written by Zach Dean

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