Joe Rogan Says Trans Athletes Are ‘F***ing Up’ Women’s Sports Thanks To ‘Forced Compliance’

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We here at OutKick believe that biological men should not play women’s sports. Crazy take, we know. Call us old fashioned. And we’re happy to have an ally in that department: podcasting giant Joe Rogan.

In addition to calling Dylan Mulvaney a “mentally ill” “attention-seeking whore,” Rogan took aim at biological men infiltrating women’s sports.

Specifically, he talked about how most biological women allow it to happen because they’re afraid to say otherwise, according to Mediaite.

“It’s like forced compliance,” Rogan said on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. “You’re forced to comply with this. And it’s f***ing up women’s sports in a huge way.

Podcaster Joe Rogan is on the side of common sense, arguing that biological men competing in women's sports is a terrible idea.
Podcaster Joe Rogan is on the side of common sense, arguing that biological men competing in women’s sports is a terrible idea. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC)

“Some organizations are pushing back against that; and some people are pushing back against the organizations that are pushing back against it, which to me is insane. Like if you care at all about biological women, you should be against that.”

This take is, of course, common sense. If you’re into women’s rights, you should be into keeping men out of women’s sports.

For some reason, though, many of the so-called “feminists” are into men turning into women and then taking rights away from women. It’s truly wild.

Then, Rogan punctuated his point with the most reasonable take possible on the issue: “There’s a reason why there’s women’s sports, and there’s a reason why there’s men’s sports,” he said.

Exactly. Women’s sports exist in the first place because they can’t compete with men. If there were no women’s sports category, there would be no female athletes.

Side note though: there really isn’t a such thing as “men’s sports.” There’s just sports and then women’s sports. That’s why Vanderbilt football could use a woman as a kicker on its team.

In fact, if any woman were good enough, she could join any “men’s” team. It’s really just an open category where anyone with the ability to compete can compete.

But the reason that there aren’t a bunch of women in the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL is because of what we already know: biology.

So, yes, letting men compete against women is nonsense.


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