Jets OC, Like All Jets Fans, Regrets Zach Wilson Played At All This Season

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Zach Wilson has been an absolute disaster for the New York Jets this season. Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has finally admitted he regrets ever putting him on the field and he’s completely tanked what was once a playoff-caliber season.

OK, he didn’t exactly say those words, but … well, kind of!

“I use the example of what’s going on in Green Bay right now,” LaFleur said when asked about Wilson. “It was Brett Favre, Aaron (Rodgers) sat for four, five years, and Jordan Love is going through it right now. I’m not there at practice. I can just go off of what I hear in how much improvement he’s had through three years of sitting there watching Aaron.

“Similar to Zach, in hindsight, it probably would have benefitted to sit back and learn a little bit and watch a veteran and just kind of grow in this league in the back seat watching and getting better in practice and through the scout team and all that.

“That wasn’t the course that we went. And from here, we have to pick it up, we have to pick up the scraps, and get back to work.”

Jets OC regrets playing Zach Wilson so early

Now, to be fair, I’m not sure how much Zach Wilson would have benefitted sitting behind … *checks Jets depth chart* … Joe Flacco, but it probably couldn’t have hurt.

Flacco ain’t the QB he once was (for like two years), but he certainly knows how to be a professional and carry himself – and, you know, read a defense – and those are all things Zach Wilson cannot do.

Hey, he’s an absolute STUD off the field, though!

Anyway, Wilson was pretty awful this season. All the way up to the Thursday night disaster a few weeks ago that ultimately got him benched again for a semi-healthy Mike White.

Did the Jets play Zach Wilson too early?
Zach Wilson was terrible for the Jets this year. (Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Jets, for whatever reason, have continued to say they have no plans of getting rid of Wilson this offseason. So maybe they are truly ‘picking up the scraps.’ Who knows?

What we do know is Wilson never once looked like a competent NFL quarterback this season, and it probably cost the Jets the playoffs.

And now, we also know at least one coach wishes he never played in the first place.

Written by Zach Dean

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