Ja Morant Lawsuit With Teenager Is Officially Ridiculous After Mike Miller Was Deposed To Explain How A Check Ball Works

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Ja Morant flashing a gun on Instagram Live not once, but twice, and recently receiving a 25-game suspension without pay has overshadowed his back-and-forth lawsuit involving a teenage basketball player. The lawsuit, however, has officially hit a level of absurdity that we can’t ignore it any longer.

The civil case dates back to July 2022 when Morant and then 17-year-old Joshua Holloway were playing a pickup game at the NBA star’s home outside of Memphis. Holloway alleged that Morant and his friend, Davonte Pack, punched him repeatedly while also making a claim that Morant brandished a gun in his hip as he left the property.

Holloway first filed a lawsuit against Morant in September before Morant filed a countersuit of his own alleging that the teenager was the aggressor, he only punched him out of self-defense, and that he is a victim of slander.


If the image of an NBA superstar fighting with a 17-year-old in his driveway over a pickup game isn’t ridiculous enough, former NBA player turned agent Mike Miller being a part of the deposition certainly takes things to a legitimately absurd level.

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The lawsuit Ja Morant finds himself in with a teenager has officially hit a level of ridiculousness. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

According to The Commercial Appeal, Miller took part in a 90-minute deposition to explain what a check ball is. The 17-year vet had to sit in a room full of lawyers and explain one of the most common, easy-to-understand parts of pickup basketball.

“In a normal check ball, it’s just to make sure everyone is ready,” Miller said. “So when you check the ball, me and you are playing one-on-one, I check the ball to you, before you hand it back to me (and) everyone is ready to play.”

Talk about an unbelievable waste of time, money, and effort by everyone involved.

While Holloway and his family may have something to gain with a win in court in the form of cold hard cash, he’s got a basketball career of his own to worry about as he’s about to start his freshman year at Samford University.

Morant’s reputation is already deep in the gutter at this point. He and his team sitting in a boardroom arguing with a teenager calling on NBA vets to explain how basketball works is not only absurd but embarrassing.

Morant has plenty of other embarrassing chapters to close out over the coming months, but wrapping this one up as quickly as possible may be in his best interest.

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