Ja Morant’s Mom Allegedly Had Him And His Nine Friends Threaten Shoe Salesman After Helping White Customers, Not Having Her Size: Report

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According to an incident report filed in July 2022 – that was made public in March 2023 – Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and his friends threatened a security director at a Memphis mall. While the previously known details were troubling to begin with, a new report outlines more worrisome details that include Morant’s mother.

The incident reportedly involved a member of Morant’s group allegedly shoving a security director in the head and stemmed from a confrontation inside a Finish Line shoe store. Morant wasn’t the one who started the fuss. Instead, it was the NBA star’s mom, Jamie Morant, according to a new long-form piece from The Washington Post.

Jamie Morant’s name was listed by police as ‘unknown’ in reports to shield both her and her son from more public scrutiny. Now, shoe salesman Givon Busby has shared his side of the story.

Ja Morant’s mother was reportedly the person who summoned him to threaten mall security and a shoe salesman last summer. (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Ja Morant’s Mother Had Her Son Threaten A Shoe Salesman

Busby, who is black, explained that a customer in the store became angry with him after he helped two white women before her. The customer then became even more irate after the 22-year-old informed her that the store didn’t have the size she was after.


According to the Post’s report, she “began following him around and yelling, saying she would call her son.” Busby said he didn’t know who the woman’s son was until Ja Morant and around nine of his friends showed up.

“Where’s the short guy with the dreads?” Morant kept shouting, according to Busby. Morant went into a part of the store where customers weren’t allowed, Busby said, and looked through the window of the stock room. He said Morant then shouted, “I’m gonna wait until you get off work.”

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s really trying to get me,” Busby said. “Like, he’s trying to hurt me.’”

Busby added that he spent close to an hour in the back of the storeroom”shaking” with emotion before slipping out of the mall later that day.

He told police that it was Ja Morant – the most famous and recognizable person in Memphis – as a member of the group who threatened him, but his name was not listed as a suspect in the report.

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