Instagram Model & Golf Influencer Bri Teresi Does Some Bikini Archery

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Bri Teresi has been a very busy woman lately. After spending much of the spring taking on brands like Honey Birdette, Bud Light, and Target, she’s been cranking out Instagram content at an unbelievable clip this summer.

Her “Go woke, go broke” messaging has given way to some good old fashioned Instagram modeling. Although something tells me, if she needed to take aim at company, she would do so at the drop of a hat.

Instagram Model Bri Teresi
Bri Teresi spotted in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by jfizzy/Star Max/GC Images)

So far, things have been quiet on that front and she’s been able to focus on building her own brand. Bri has been keeping herself busy with travel, getting out on the course, slipping into bikinis from time to time, and she’s even done a little fishing this summer.

With the arrival of August she hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Her content machine is firing on all cylinders and she continues to feed the algorithm with one piece of incredible content after another.

Bri’s latest effort came on Wednesday from Auburn, California. The model, golfer, and entrepreneur was back in bikini for her millions of followers.

Those on Instagram were served up with a surprise from the 28-year-old. She captioned the bikini look, “I never sit still for long 😜 Swipe for a surprise.”

The surprise was Bri doing some archery. Not just any archery, but some bikini archery.

Bri Teresi Is An Instagram Model And Much More

Bri might be best known for her work as a golf influencer, but she continues to prove that there’s nothing she can’t do. She’ll take on some big brands if she needs to. She’ll also grab the clubs and head out to the course.

But she’s not afraid to grab a soccer ball and show off her skills, or as she put on display yesterday, grab some weapons and head outdoors for some target practice.

You name it, she’s done it. Bri’s portfolio is filled with some of her finest work as a model from her Guess campaigns to her appearance on the cover of Maxim.

Will she be pumping the brakes as fall arrives? It’s highly unlikely. So buckle up, because this content ride is far from over.

Written by Sean Joseph

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