Here’s Why Kay Adams Left NFL Network, Good Morning Football

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Kay Adams, an NFL Network staple and host of Good Morning Football, left the show and network in May when her contract expired.

She’s since found at home with FanDuel TV, the recently re-launched cable channel aimed at bringing 24/7 sports betting content to your living rooms.

Adams, one of the network’s big gets, hosts her own morning show which debuted this week, and recently told the New York Post her exit strategy from NFL Network began last year.

“I knew last year that I wasn’t coming back to Good Morning Football,” Adams said. “My contract was up. I didn’t want to renew because I just wanted to try something different.”

Kay Adams, Ex-GMFB Host, May Be Joining FanDuel TV
Kay Adams left Good Morning Football and NFL Network in May.

Kay Adams leaves NFL Network for FanDuel TV

Adams, 36, added that she does hope to return to the network this fall in some sort of capacity, but no deal has yet been reached.

“We’re still trying,” she said. “We’re still efforting to get something done because I miss it. But I knew well into last year that I was going to leave Good Morning Football. I didn’t have a job lined lined up.”


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Adams left the Emmy-winning show in May, and has since been replaced by former SEC on CBS reporter Jamie Erdahl.

The show also replaced Nate Burleson, who left last year for CBS Mornings, with recently retired NFL cornerback Jason McCourty.

Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt make up the other half of GMFB and have been on the show since it debuted back in 2016.


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“It wasn’t like I left for something,” Adams said. “You know what it is? I’ll be totally honest with you. I felt like my work there was done. Like, ‘Do I stay here, and it’s comfortable, however many more years, in this job that I love, and is a grind, of course? Or do I just want to see what’s out there?'”

Many speculated Adams left GMFB to become Amazon’s new Thursday Night Football pregame host, but that job went to Charissa Thompson.

Negotiations with the Tech giant, Adams said, ultimately fell through.

“They made me an offer,” she admitted. “We’d also been in talks for a really, really long time. It’s a job I really wanted. I’m disappointed we couldn’t come to terms and a deal was never made.”

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