Heidi Klum Suffers The Most Predictable Nip-Slip Ever At Cannes Film Festival

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Heidi Klum’s nipple popped out of her dress at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday. In unrelated news, the sky is also blue.

Klum, the former Sports Illustrated model who turns 50 next month, has been daring thongs and bikinis for months now, and it looks like the clothes finally won.

Frankly, I’m just surprised it took this long.

Here’s you obligatory nip-slip warning: if you’re looking at this on a work computer, maybe whip out your phone instead if your bosses don’t want you looking at an eighth of a nipple with company property.

Heidi Klum’s dress can’t contain her at Cannes Film Festival

What a damn dress. Who had Heidi Klum having the first real nip-slip of 2023 on their Bingo card?

If you read OutKick, everyone should be raising their hands.

I’ve told you for months now Heidi has become perhaps the internet’s sexiest loose cannon, and this just validates everything I’ve been saying.

She LOVES being naked. Loves it. Openly admits it.

Combine that with the world of social media nowadays, and it was only a matter of time.

She danced in a gold G-string last month, enjoyed Easter Sunday out by the pool in next to nothing, posed with her daughter in her underwear and now this.

Least surprising development of 2023 by a mile. It was only a matter of time — especially in a dress like that.

I ain’t complaining, and neither is that photographer.

Keep living free and happy, Heidi Klum.

PS: how about this guy? Have a little class, pal.

Heidi Klum nip-slip.

Written by Zach Dean

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