Gracie Hunt Brought Her A Game To The NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft has arrived. The first-round kicked off last night outside of Union Station in Kansas City. As is the annual tradition, there were several stars born on draft night. Moms, sisters, and girlfriends often steal the spotlight from draftees.

That was the case on Thursday night. Nobody had a rougher night personally than Will Levis. At the very same time he was spending the entire night in the green room without going drafted, his sister and girlfriend shined on social media.

Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt NFL Draft
Gracie Hunt got draft day started with a workout and a selfie (Image Credit: Gracie Hunt/Instagram Story)

The Levis family wasn’t the only one making the most of their camera time. Lukas Van Ness being drafted introduced the internet to his girlfriend thanks to a couple butt taps on his girlfriend, Frankie Kmet, by his dad.

It’s true that the draft is all about those entering the league, but the NFL is a league of hardened veterans. One of the hardened social media veterans in the NFL is Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt. With the draft in Kansas City this year you better believe she was in attendance.

Gracie brought her A game to the event, but like the highly respected veteran she is, she didn’t steal the show from the rookies. She played the role of hostess, mingling with fans – even fans from loser teams – and kissing babies.

Opening night was a huge success for Kansas City and Gracie Hunt. She didn’t need any camera time to be the face of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt NFL Draft
Chiefs heiress fulfilling her draft host duties (Image Credit: Gracie Hunt/Instagram Story)
Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt NFL Draft
Gracie Hunt mingling with the unwashed at the draft (Image Credit: Gracie Hunt/Instagram Story)
Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt NFL Draft
More behind the scenes looks from the NFL Draft (Image Credit: Gracie Hunt/Instagram Story)

There Isn’t A Better Hostess In The League Right Now

What a night in Kansas City. Although I couldn’t tell you a lot about who was drafted by which team and all that. I’m still trying to figure out if my Panthers taking Bryce Young with the first overall pick was a good move or not.

The way my brain works is I’m taller than Bryce Young, not by much, but I am and I can’t play quarterback in the NFL, or any level of football for that matter. As a rule of thumb my quarterback should be taller than I am.

I get that there’s flaws to the logic, but that’s what was going through my mind for most of the night last night. Not to mention Carolina’s track record with the quarterback position since David Tepper took over.

Then there’s Frank Reich’s own record in Indy with the position. Needless to say, I’m not confident in their ability to evaluate quarterbacks.

Enough about me and my struggling team. Let’s get back to Gracie Hunt and her A game on opening night. I’d expect to see more of her throughout the weekend. I couldn’t image she left a vacation in Hawaii just for the first night.

Written by Sean Joseph

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