World Is Introduced To Lukas Van Ness’ Girlfriend, Frankie Kmet, Thanks To Lukas’ Dad’s Double Butt Taps

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Iowa’s Lukas Van Ness got picked, but his girlfriend, Frankie Kmet, got tapped. Twice.

On Thursday night, Van Ness was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, 13th overall by the Packers. Van Ness’ draft party was thrilled. And that party included Kmet and Van Ness’ dad, who must be a musician, because he went straight bongos on Kmet’s backside.

Props to Papa Van Ness. He kept it sport-like. When he went tap-tap on Kmet, it very much had a “good game, good effort,” vibe to it. That’s a pro’s-pro. A man who’s been around a couple of backsides before.

Frankie, by the way, has long supported Van Ness and the Hawkeyes. Even without the butt taps, something tells me the world was going to know about Frankie sooner than later.

Lukas Van Ness And Frankie Kmet Carry On Big Ten Tradition

If there’s one thing we learned from Thursday, it’s that Big Ten players have hot girlfriends and their dad’s don’t mind getting a little handsy once things turn exciting. In addition to Van Ness’ old man firing off a couple of taps, the conference saw the dad of Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy break off some rump roast from McCarthy’s girlfriend Katya Kuropas during the College Football Playoff.

Big Ten football may not win many championships, but off the field, they’re tough to beat.

Van Ness Heads To Lambeau

Papa Van Ness going John Bonham on Kmet’s backside wasn’t the only interesting thing to come from Green Bay selecting the defensive end – though it was certainly the most entertaining. Frankie Kmet’s brother, Cole, plays tight end for Packers’ divisional rival Chicago.

Sadly (for us), neither her boyfriend or her brother’s NFL homes are near the beach. That seems to be where Frankie Kmet prefers to spend her time.

To the Packers fans out there upset that Aaron Rodgers left town, keep your heads up. Green Bay may have lost a legend, but they appear to have tapped someone else with star potential on Thursday night. Oh, and they drafted Lukas Van Ness too.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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