Golf Influencer Karin Hart Teases OnlyFans Content From Augusta With Bunny Ears & Not Much Else On

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Masters week is a huge week for golfers and golf influencers alike. The sport they all love brings them together in Augusta for a weekend of golf that will have one lucky golfer adding a green jacket to their collection. Karin Hart is one such influencer.

Influencers do their thing by pumping out as much green and yellow as they can. If they’re bold, they sport a green jacket of their own. It’s a week filled with golf swings, skimpy outfits, and helpful tips to improve your game.

Golf Influencer Karin Hart Teases OnlyFans Content
Golf influencer teasing Masters content (Image Credit: Karin Hart/Instagram Story)

This year’s Masters falls on Easter weekend. Which is as good of an excuse as any to add some creativity to the normal flow of golf content. That’s exactly what golf influencer and OnlyFans model Karin Hart decided to do.

Let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do with the Masters’ green and yellow. While many of golf’s biggest influencers let the week’s worth of content leading up to Sunday carry their water for them, Karin did not.

Karin had content to promote. And promote it she did. On Saturday, she hinted that there was something on the way with a picture of her sporting a green jacket in her Instagram Story.

What she delivered was a teaser in the form of a short video, and other than Augusta appearing in the caption, it wasn’t related all that much to The Masters. She was going more for an Easter vibe of some sort.

Karin captioned the link in the bio teaser, “SomeBUNNY in Augusta loves you!” She is that “SomeBUNNY” as she sports some bunny ears and not much else.

Karin Hart Is A Name To Watch On The Golf Influencer Rankings

That’s cutting a promo. That’s keeping a hot streak alive. It’s an elite level of execution. Put in the work while every one else is taking a short break.

Keep the jab out there – off the Justin Thomas signing her boob headline – with some on the course, club in hand, golf work. Then come over the top with a knockout blow.

With the professing of her love for Tom Brady, getting JT’s autograph, and now cutting this promo, Karin’s becoming more and more proficient at influencing at a high level.

There have been many calling for Karin to be called up to the big leagues. While she has been tearing it up in the lower levels she’s not quite there yet. The advanced metrics show as much.

What we do know is she’s someone who has a lot of promise and should be watched closely. The content is strong, she just needs to get her numbers up.

Written by Sean Joseph

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