Golf Influencer Grace Charis Copies Paige Spiranac’s Topless Green Jacket Masters Look

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Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery. Sure that is true in most cases. I’m not sure in the middle of a battle for the world’s No. 1 golf influencer is one of those cases. That seems more like a full frontal assault.

Golf influencer Grace Charis, who by all available metrics is a legitimate challenger for the top spot, appears to have taken being called a Paige Spiranac clone to heart. And in doing so, she took the battle right to Paige’s front door.

Golf Influencer Grace Charis Paige Spiranac
Grace Charis takes the battle for golf’s top influencer right to Paige Spiranac (Image Credit: Instagram)

Grace did what most don’t have the stones to do and that’s copy Paige’s iconic topless green jacket Masters look. An unprecedented move to say the least. Paige has done a lot of content over the years, but this is one of her most recognizable looks.

This is the equivalent to someone copying Michael Jordan’s signature move in an attempt to make it their own. It just doesn’t happen. Everyone picks up a move here or there from the greats, but this is a clear escalation.

Grace found a green jacket and a green skirt, patiently waited for Saturday, then dropped her cleavage-filled assault on Paige’s look and No. 1 golf influencer ranking. She commented the strategic strike, “Made it to the cut! Comment who you think will win the masters 2023 and their final score.”

The days of there is only one Paige Spiranac are over. She led the way, but like all of the best of the best, the competition is starting to catch up.

Those are crazy words to type. But crazy words are needed to describe crazy times and we’re certainly in crazy times.

Grace Charis Is Ready To Take The Next Step

Grace hit that million follower mark a few weeks ago and decided it was time. At the time, the Masters was around the corner and she apparently spent that time plotting out a plan.

The plan was simple and she’s executed it to near perfection. Get the tank tops ready and pump out golf content. She then hit on Tiger and went for the queen’s crown.

That makes for one hell of a Masters week. Paige was focused on her own influencing this week and likely never saw this coming. That’s why it was a brilliant move on Grace’s part.

The timing is perfect. Paige has a couple of options, ignore it or pivot and send a clear response to the challenge. This is new waters for her we’ll have to see what kind of response, if any, is on the way.

As for Grace, she has to keep bringing the fight to Paige’s front door. Don’t give her time to recover that would be a rookie mistake. At the same time you don’t want to empty your own tank against a seasoned veteran.

It appears as if we’ve reached the next level in the golf influencing game. This could get very interesting.

Written by Sean Joseph

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