Georgia Bulldogs Freshman Jamaal Jarrett Issues Apology For Anti-Asian Expression

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Amid a week full of hot-mic blunders, one college player is taking accountability for his words. Incoming Georgia Bulldogs freshman and defensive tackle Jamaal Jarrett is acknowledging and apologizing for anti-Asian expressions made during an Instagram Live stream on the night of the 2023 NFL Draft’s first round.


The university has yet to announce a punishment against Jarrett. In an era where controversial remarks can cost a person their job, Jarrett saw an opportunity to quell the fires. He voiced his remorse with an apology.

Jarrett commented on an Asian-American presenter representing the Atlanta Falcons as they made the eighth selection of the draft.


He was rooting for the Falcons to select Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter and made fun of the presenter.

“Jalen Carter, come on Asian. Ching chong,” Jarrett said.

Jamaal Jarrett Says He’s Learned And Will Continue To Learn From Comments

The four-star recruit sparked criticism against himself and Georgia’s “culture” for the demeaning expressions. Issuing a statement late Wednesday, Jarrett took the blame for the effects of his comments.

The DT from Greensboro, N.C., declared his commitment to learning more about the AAPI community and sharing his journey since the remarks were uttered.

Jarrett posted on his social media:

Recently I made racially insensitive remarks on my social media platform. I feel ashamed by my actions that have caused tremendous hurt and pain, especially to those in the AAPI community, and I truly do apologize. I did not mean any hate or harm towards anyone.

Over the past several days I have learned more about the AAPI community and the increased hate crimes that have been directed towards members of the community. I have come to understand more clearly where I messed up and why this behavior was wrong.

The type of language I used is harmful, and there is no place for it anywhere. I want to grow from this situation and make a more positive impact in the community. I am committed to representing myself better and showing that I am not the kind of person to make hurtful remarks.

I cannot change the mistake that I made, but I can control what I do and say in the future and use this as an opportunity for growth. As we celebrate API Heritage Month, I plan to continue learning and talking with students and others on our campus and in Athens to learn how I can support the AAPI community.

I promise I will learn from this mistake and do better.


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