Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Hit The Runway At Miami Swim Week

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Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose has done anything but quietly head off into retirement after her run with the wrestling organization came to an end. The WWE let her go after her content on an OnlyFans style platform was discovered and she refused to shut the account down.

The move proved to be beneficial for her financially and some could argue professionally as well. Sure life as Mandy Sacs doesn’t involve traveling to one wrestling event after another. She isn’t stepping into any rings or chasing any belts, but her schedule remains quite busy.

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose aka Mandy Sacs Amanda Saccomanno Miami Swim Week
Mandy Sacs walks the runway at Paola Estefania at Miami Swim Week (Photo by Thomas Concordia/Getty Images for DC Miami Swim Week)

The 32-year-old is still putting in plenty of hours creating content, both of the solo variety and through collaborations with other content creators. When she’s not busy working on content, or running her other business ventures, she’s landing fitness magazine covers.

The time away from wrestling has even allowed Mandy to cross off some bucket list items while adding to her growing resume. This week she did that by hitting the runway in a bikini.

Not just any runway, Mandy did her thing on the runway at Miami Swim Week. This year’s festivities are being held from July 4-11 at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach hotel.

Mandy checked off the “little bucket list” item of hers by working the runway in a bikini designed Paola Estafania.

Working A Runway In A Bikini Isn’t New For Mandy Sacs

Mandy isn’t just a former WWE star, who happens to look good in a bikini, and can pull off some modeling if she has to. She’s a professional.

As I mentioned already, she’s a fitness magazine cover model. But what I didn’t mention, and her bio reveals, is that she’s also a bikini world champion.

Mandy is very comfortable on the runway, as you can see in the footage she provided, the confident strut and hair flips let everyone know that she’s been there before.

It might not have come on the Miami Swim Week runway, but it’s not entirely new to her. During an interview last month, Mandy said that she was enjoying her time away from wrestling.

With her hitting the runway at Miami Swim Week on Wednesday it doesn’t appear as if that has changed at all.

Written by Sean Joseph

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