Mandy Rose Says She’s ‘Never Stopping’ As She Models Tiny Cut-Off Shorts & A String Bikini

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Don’t look now, but Amanda Saccomanno is doing what she does best – aside from wrestling of course. She’s grabbing attention again with her brand of influencing. The former WWE wrestler known as Mandy Rose still has her foot firmly pressing her content creator pedal all the way down.

And that’s not going to change anytime soon. If anything Mandy is turning things up a notch or two. She’s pulling out all the stops. We’re talking professional photographers, on location photo shoots – the whole nine yards.

Mandy Rose Exclusive Content
Former WWE wrestler Mandy Rose (Image Credit: Alex Pertee/Instagram)

For anyone worried that she was going to be packing up her booming business and resting on what she’s already accomplished, Mandy put those concerns to bed. She has no plans on ever doing that.

Mandy’s going to ride it to the wheels fall off. She hired photographer Alex Pertee, made the trip to The Palmway with all of its “vintage decor and multi-use spaces,” then somewhere along they way came to the realization that she’s “Never Stopping.”

The tied up crop top and insanely short cut-off shorts weren’t the only partial pieces of clothing that Mandy packed for the photo shoot. She came prepared with other unbelievably small outfits.

Another one of her looks matched her microscopic shorts with an even smaller top. She grabbed some vintage sunglasses to round out the look.

Mandy’s looks from inside The Palmway’s Tropical Historical Home were only topped when she headed outside. She brought a blue string bikini for that then did some serious work.

She’s Among The Best Of The Best

As much as things change there are some things that just stay the same. There are different platforms and ways to influence today, but a half shirt or string bikini still put butts in the seats.

In the past I’ve praised those who’ve been able to bring it without all of the glitz and glamor associated with hiring a photographer and doing on location photo shoots.

That’s not to say that doing so takes away from anything. The best of the best can do both. Mandy’s mirror selfie behind the scenes look from a couple of weeks ago proves she’s in that category.

Whenever she wants to turn up the heat Mandy Rose can do so.

Written by Sean Joseph

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