Ed Reed Changes Tune In Latest Video: ‘Take Your Licks & Keep Moving’

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After weeks of social media outbursts and tirades aimed at Bethune-Cookman and, oddly enough, Shannon Sharpe, Ed Reed appears to walk some of it back in his latest appearance.

Speaking to the 33rd Team, Reed seemed to somewhat apologize for his several viral video reactions over the past three weeks as it pertains to his fallout with Bethune-Cookman.

“A lot has transpired for me as an analyst, for me as a coach,” Reed says in an Instagram clip. “I talk to my youngsters about making decisions and being smart about what they put on social network. I put myself in a position, and I put players in a position where it affects us all, I think, in a bad manner – even Bethune-Cookman.”

Ed Reed appears more apologetic in latest video over Bethune-Cookman fallout

I don’t know about you, but as the unofficial Ed Reed beat reporter for OutKick, that certainly sounds like a pretty different Ed Reed than we’ve all come to know (and love?).

The former Miami Hurricane legend and NFL Hall of Famer has made waves seemingly every week since his verbal hiring as Bethune-Cookman’s next football coach in December.

I say verbal, of course, because the school ultimately chose not to ratify its contract with Reed in late January.

That led to Reed posting a 15-minute, profanity-laced rant on Instagram accusing the school of lying, not caring about its students, and essentially forcing Reed out after a clip went viral earlier in the month of him crucifying the university over poor campus conditions.

In the wake of Reed’s dismissal, the ex-Raven has taken aim about the school and university AD Reggie Theus in several social media videos, along with FS1 host Shannon Sharpe.

Last week, Reed posted a DM conversation between him and Sharpe over the Bethune-Cookman fallout, while also calling him a liar in a separate Instagram Live video.

Theus, meanwhile, has also fired back at Reed, calling his actions “disturbing” and pushing back on his allegations that the administration doesn’t care about its students.

“You are dead wrong,” Theus said of Reed during an interview with HBCU GameDay.

Ed Reed sounds more apologetic in latest video.
Ed Reed (left) has been in the news for a month now over Bethune-Cookman controversy.

Reed also called Theus “jealous” and “envious” in one video, while also accusing Bethune-Cookman of having low standards when they allegedly wanted Reed to take a potential football recruit to Dave & Buster’s.

“My standard is too high. My standard is too high,” Reed said. “You want me to take families to Dave & Buster’s to talk to their parents while you can hear all the bling bling and all that going on?

“Come on, man. My standard is too high. I have high standards to coach football.”

In his most recent sit-down, a noticeably more relaxed Reed also talked about “taking your licks” while remaining adamant that he stills stands by his now-former players.

“I also talked about professionalism, and that’s what a man would stand on,” he continued. “A man makes mistakes and you stand on those mistakes. You take your licks, as I told the kids, the young men on the team, you takes your licks and you keep moving.”

Written by Zach Dean

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