DraftKings Bluffs Tom Brady, ‘The Masked Singer’ Odds

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Tom Brady rumors started swirling when he abruptly left Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp earlier this month.

It was pretty random. No one in Tampa’s organization knew when Brady was returning. Also, no details were provided to the media.

Is Brady retiring? Did Gisele ground TB12? Does Brady have buyer’s remorse from replacing former head coach Bruce Arians with Todd Bowles? Is Brady giving up without Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown in the offense?

Internet detectives concocted their best guess: Is Tom Brady bailing on football to appear on “The Masked Singer”?

Well, DraftKings Sportsbook threw a little gasoline on that rumor’s fire Monday night.

DraftKings Sportsbook fronting about offering odds for Tom Brady to appear on ‘The Masked Singer’.

I was pumped. I’ve gambled on a lot of stupid things over the years; betting on TB12 game show appearances isn’t beneath me.

Instead of clicking on the tweet, I rushed to their online sportsbook to maybe, maybe not place a bet. But, I couldn’t find shit. Then, after clicking on the tweet, I saw DraftKings was pump-faking.

DraftKings Sportsbook coming clean about not accepting bets for Tom Brady to appear on ‘The Masked Singer’.

So DraftKings saved me money but not offering this line … Thanks?

Truth, no one knows yet why Brady has taken a sabbatical. Brady himself poked fun at ‘The Masked Singer’ rumor.

But, what I’m learning most is I need football to come back. This country needs football to come back. I’m ready to gamble on anything football-related.

Written by Geoff Clark

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