Is Tom Brady Skipping Football to Film ‘Masked Singer’ Show?

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Tom Brady remains away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for reasons unknown. The Bucs say it’s a personal matter but not health-related.

The ambiguity invites speculation. Theories range from a pre-planned family vacation to second thoughts about retirement to filming in a secret reality singing competition.

Friday, a fantasy football analyst named Kendall Valenzuela floated the idea that Brady is away from football because he’s filming for “The Masked Singer.”

While some snotty football people have scoffed at such an idea, online users are opening up to the theory. It’s trending as we speak. 

Valenzuela connects a few dots. We’ll take you through them, step by step:

— “The Masked Singer” airs on Fox, a network that signed Brady to a $375 million broadcasting deal. Could the contract have included an appearance as the masked singer?

— Filming a show rooted in surprise reveals would require the secrecy Brady and the Bucs have levied since the start of his hiatus.

— Brady’s former teammates, Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, have previously appeared on the show.

The end.

We’ll let Valenzuela explain the rest:

Popular sports programs like the “Pat McAfee Show” discussed the idea on Friday:

Unfortunately, the odds are still against #MaskedSingerGate. But if it happens to be correct, remember that OutKick did not reject the theory as juvenile or even reckless.

Brady’s absence is a mystery, and mystery prompts thinking outside the box. We appreciate the open-mindedness.

By the way, bet against Tom Brady’s ability to sing in a mask at your own peril. A power above granted him the talent to throw a football at a generational level and marry the top supermodel in the world.

He just keeps winning in various aspects of life. 

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