Donald Trump Wants Big Ten Football Back

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On Friday, Joe Biden released an ad intimating that President Donald Trump is responsible for the fact that football is not happening Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. All four of these are swing states, and three of them are the home to Big Ten Schools. Trump has fought back against that implication, saying that he wants all football back, but that Democrats do not:

If you look at high school football, there is a general pattern where states with Republican governors are playing high school football and states with Democrat governors are not. There are some exceptions, like Kentucky, Wisconsin, Maine, Rhode Island, Montana, Connecticut, Kansas, and Louisiana, which have Democrat governors but are playing high school football.

In Michigan, Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer was seen as a “roadblock” against the idea of Ohio State organizing a Big Ten schedule with Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and Penn State. She later said that she is “glad” the Big Ten canceled football this fall.

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren has wondered aloud if the Big Ten could swing the presidential election, and aggressively worked for the conference’s athletes to register to vote (it’s presumable he wants/expects them to vote for Biden).

Big Ten presidents and chancellors, every one of whom is a top one-percenter in annual income, allegedly voted to cancel the football the season in the Fall but have largely declined to put their names to that decision. They won’t be able to hide forever.

On Friday, reports emerged that the Big Ten is considering moving its season from starting in January to around Thanksgiving. We’ll see if the goalposts are able to move ever closer in the coming weeks.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Trump

    In a best of 7 match of table games And lawn darts; including ping pong 🏓, online digital chess, bar dart throwing, billiards and a hoops game of horse 🐎.

    (If there is a tie or the matches suck, then they must compete in muzzle loading rifle competition)

  2. Outkick’s influence starting to take hold. Love it. I will consider it a huge win for Outkick if the Big10 plays in 2020 considering you have been the strongest advocate for playing. Keep it up.

  3. I think what Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin governors are allowing to air on their tv stations is an ABSOLUTE disgrace. Seriously it’s Trumps fault, if any voter believes that crap, please don’t even vote. You don’t know what the truth is and are unbelievably stupid. Americans we are BETTER than this nonsense!

  4. The Founding Fathers put all the power in our hands. The impact of apathetic voters is on full display. From school boards to statehouses to congress to the oval office, the choice s clear. Any vote for the left, especially with self-avowed Marxists leading the charge, is a vote against liberty and freedom. There s no such thing as a moderate Democrat, and there never will be another one until this firestorm of anarchy is doused at the source. John Kennedy could not win a spot on the Democratic ticket today. Think about that. Vote for your kids, and yourself, this November.

    • Hey David,
      Exactly right….great thoughts. Would that Democrat parents with young kids have voted down ticket in 2016 for Republicans…it would have put a few bandages on some of the bleeding. And of course we hear the “conventional wisdom” that the party who has the White House loses seats in the US House…a natural reaction to one party rule.

      So that crap gave us Nancy Pelosi not only running the House, but also holding up the Senate’s progress because Republicans only have a 53-47 majority. How’d that work out for America??? We all see how her only goal is to obstruct anything positive that the President tries to accomplish…and the solution is to give HER and the Marxists the White House, too???

      My three kids are between 27-32 years of age, each a conservative/libertarian. I feel for parents with kids in school now from K – 12 because they’re going to be absolute fodder for the marxists that control academia. You see a cool, patriotic TV ad with young school kids smiling while the teacher whispers in their ears. A great visual, but those teachers, no matter how patriotic they are still have to follow the curriculum. Would they lose their jobs to point out the fallacies of socialism…do they even teach US History any longer? STEM is now racist…2nd grade gender modification anyone?

      So all you good folks who identify as libertarian-moderate-middle of the road democrats who never voted for a mean and nasty Republican because you were told on mainstream TV that they’re mean and nasty…(oh, but WE WON the debate on local TV with the radical socialist who’s running for town council…how did she/he get elected?). That’s more than likely to be the future…oh, and 2 am bull horn wake up calls from the crazy kids in town that now live in their parents basements b/c they have no life skills or business sense.

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