Big Ten Schools Canceled Football and Now Joe Biden Is Blaming President Trump

Total526 The Big Ten canceled its college football season based on flawed science and fearmongering. The conference is currently being sued in Nebraska for that decision by eight Cornhusker players. Lingering in the background of the Big Ten’s decision to cancel fall sports has always been whispers that the decision was also heavily influenced by More





Written by Clay Travis

Clay Travis is an author, radio show host, lawyer, TV analyst, and the founder of OutKick (formerly known as Outkick the Coverage).
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  1. Clay,
    Refresh my memory… Isn’t his SON playing in the SEC in this Wuhan Season?
    Interesting if so.
    Guess he won’t be home for Christmas.
    His stocking ‘hung with care’ will have only coal and switches in it!
    Good day gentlemen.

  2. Slow joe is toast he knows it and the dims know it guy has never in his entire life held down a job a life long political hack of the worst kind our great President will send him packing and none to soon.

  3. This is the latest example of Democrats arguing that if Trump had instated a strict nationwide lock-down we could’ve moved on to normal life by now. That is a patently false narrative. Numerous states and countries have shown the only way to keep an effectively zero case load is to stay strictly locked down. Had a strict national lockdown taken place, there is no doubt Dems would now be arguing we need to keep it going ‘until there is a vaccine’. Dems are the only barrier to a college football season being played.

    If you are going to be critical of Trump’s handling of COVID, be critical of the lack of a nationwide randomized antibody trial to accurately determine the infection fatality rate of the virus. John Ionnadis and a group of other scientists tried to get an audience with Trump in March to argue this point. Clay was a major proponent of this idea as well. If such a study had been conducted, we would’ve had more scientific evidence to argue against lockdowns (although there is already enough evidence in my opinion). This is only a minor criticism. I doubt it would’ve changed things significantly as Dems and mainstream media would’ve found a way to discredit the study. Either way, the US is far better off under Trump than we would’ve been under a Dem president.

  4. I keep telling myself, there will be enough people, that see all the blatant political decisions around COVID made primarily in the interest of hurting our President, that this will usher in more good intentioned people in Nov..

    How selfish, how empty of a soul do you have to be, as a decision maker, to knowingly make decisions that will greatly hurt peoples lives like the never-ending economic shut downs, complete nursing home lock downs (there is nothing on earth that would stop me from physically seeing a loved one on their death bed), allowing on-going rioting/looting, school closings, sports and social cancellations, church restrictions, and even the over reaching mask orders, all because in your infinite arrogance you believe it’s worth getting rid of a President, all while hiding behind the false premise that you are just trying to save lives (Basically posing for a Nobel Peace Prize while directing depravity).

    In my opinion, many of these decision makers do not truly believe in a higher power, thus making it easy to justify their actions while convincing themselves they are wise people.

    Great article Clay, speak to Jason, help us persuade him to vote, lol.

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