President Trump Wants There To Be College Football This Fall

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President Trump joined Clay Travis this morning on Fox Sports Radio and talked about a variety of sports topics including college football returning this fall. On Monday, Trump tweeted support to Trevor Lawrence and the #WeWantToPlay movement and told Clay today that he clearly wants college football to return this fall.

“Student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled,” Trump said on Twitter Monday.

During Tuesday’s interview with Clay, President Trump addressed what he sees in the college football world and how the COVID virus situation relates to athletes playing the sport.

“People don’t realize it’s a tiny percentage of people that get sick and they’re old. It just attacks old people, especially old people with bad hearts, diabetes, some kind of a physical problem; a weight problem.”

President Trump then joked with Clay about body fat and how he’s at zero percent body fat (it’s a joke, but wait until the blue checkmarks get their hands on that quote).

“These football players are very young, strong people. Physically they’re in extraordinary shape, so they’re not going to have a problem. You’re not going to see people dying,” Trump told Clay during their Tuesday morning interview.

“You can’t have empty seats,” Trump added. “I’m not sure college football can do it, but we’ll have to see.”

President Trump praised Alabama head coach Nick Saban, Coach O — whom Trump says is straight out of central casting and has to be picked to play the football coach in movies — and his friend Lou Holtz who has been a big supporter “from the beginning.”

“They’re great people, and they want to play football,” Trump said. “And they know better than anyone else.”


Written by Joe Kinsey

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