Derwin James Somehow Avoids NFL’s Wrath After Brutal Hit, Won’t Be Suspended

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Derwin James won’t be suspended for his hit Monday night that put two people in concussion protocol and got him ejected from the game.

The Chargers’ star safety laid an absolutely vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Colts’ receiver Ashton Dulin, resulting in Dulin wobbling to the locker room with a concussion, James being tossed, and then later being placed in the concussion protocol as well.

Credit to James here, too. It’s not often you see someone lay the wood on someone so hard they actually give themselves a concussion. Impressive stuff.

Here’s the hit:

Derwin James ejected after brutal hit

Mayhem right there from James, who’s in the midst of another stellar season. The former FSU star was named to his third Pro Bowl last week, and has already registered 109 tackles, 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions.

And, of course, this brutal blow in last week’s 20-3 win over the Colts that clinched a playoff spot for the Chargers.

Even ESPN MNF commentator Troy Aikman was stunned by the hit!

Derwin James.
Derwin James somehow avoided suspension for nasty hit. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

“We’ve watched a lot of football, I don’t know if I’ve seen a hit quite like that,” Aikman said. “That was as big of a collision as I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

If we’re being honest, it’s a tad bit surprising this blow didn’t get James suspended for at least one game given the way the NFL has trended for the past few years. Imagine if he had laid this hit on Tom Brady?

He would’ve been exiled from the league and slapped with attempted murder charges!

Apparently the league did consider a suspension, but King Roger Goodell opted to spare James this time around. According to reports, the 26-year-old could still be slapped with a fine, though.

And we all know Roger Goodell LOVES a good fine!

Written by Zach Dean

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