Allen Lazard Fined 10K For Hilariously Trolling Terrible Dolphins Defense

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The No Fun League (NFL) is at it again one final time in 2022, this time coming after Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver Allen Lazard for hilariously trolling the Miami Dolphins.

Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s win in Miami, Lazard and the Packers faced a 1st and 20 while clinging to a 23-20 lead. Green Bay ran a sweep right to Aaron Jones, who scampered 19 yards almost completely untouched to set up an easy second down.

Upon further review, it turns out Jones had such a giant hole to run through because Lazard took down a line of Dolphins defenders in a scene straight out of Indiana Jones (if you don’t get that reference do yourself a favor and watch Last Crusade STAT).

Take a look!

Allen Lazard fined by NFL for awesome block

Anyway, Lazard made a great block that ultimately sprung Jones and led to a Green Bay field goal. Five days later, the veteran receiver was then reportedly fined $10,609 for “taunting.”

In other words, Roger Goodell and the No Fun League fined Lazard $10K for … doing his job? So predictable.

God forbid ANYONE has any fun playing football anymore.

Allen Lazard trolls Dolphins.
Packers WR Allen Lazard fined for doing his job.

I mean, what are we doing here? A tiny receiver just took down not one, not two, but three huge defenders for a huge play and because he counts them out he’s over the line?

This is lowkey one of my favorite celebrations this year, too, mainly because Lazard starts counting while the play is still happening. Savage move from a seasoned vet.

Unfortunately, it offended Roger Goodell, which apparently is very easy to do.

Sorry, Allen!

Written by Zach Dean

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