Davante Adams Mocks His Cameraman Push With Overly Cautious, Extremely Dramatic Exit While Leaving Field

Davante Adams did not want to find himself in another litigious situation with a cameraman. He was extra, extra careful not to run into anybody after Sunday’s game against the Texans.

Two weeks ago, following a Monday Night Football loss to the Chiefs, a cameraman with absolutely zero self-awareness got in his way. Adams gave him a firm shove and sent him floundering to the ground below.

After the incident, in the locker room after the game, Adams apologized.

“Before I answer anything else, I wanna apologize to … some guy running off the field, and he ran — jumped in front of me — (when) we were coming off the field, and I bumped into him, kinda pushed him, and he ended up on the ground. So I wanna say sorry to him for that, because that was just frustration mixed with him literally just running in front of me. And I shouldn’t have responded that way.”

— Davante Adams after MNF on Oct. 10, 2022

The cameraman, who was a college student on the first day of his job, filed a police report after the game and claimed that he was injured. He hired legal council and claimed that he suffered whiplash, headaches and a possible concussion.

Ultimately, Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault and Las Vegas entered its bye week.

Davante Adams made extra certain that he didn’t get with another assault charge.

On Sunday, after the Raiders’ first game since the cameraman incident, the superstar wide receiver was not going to let a similar situation unfold. He mocked the incident as he made his way off of the field by making extra sure that everybody was out of his way before heading into the tunnel.

Adams walked very cautiously and cleared his path of any media, cameramen, or personnel. Once the path was clear, he shuffled quickly through the open lane and out of sight.

It would be funny if Adams keeps this shtick going throughout the rest of the year. Really drive the point home.

Written by Grayson Weir

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