Camera Guy Davante Adams Pushed May Think He’s A Ghost, Showed Zero Self-Awareness In The Moment

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Davante Adams pushed a credentialed person – who appears to be some sort of camera or boom mic person – following the Raiders’ loss to the Chiefs on Monday night. While Adams shouldn’t have shoved the innocent bystander, the young man showed zero self-awareness in the situation.

Again, let me reiterate here, that Adams is absolutely in the wrong here for shoving the camera guy. Thankfully, the person got right back up after his tumble and didn’t appear to be injured in any way. But, as Happy Gilmore once said, he shouldn’t have been standing there.

While a number of videos have surfaced showing the shove from various angles, one, in particular, shows that some of the blame here needs to be pinned on the camera guy.

Adams is a 6-foot-1, 215-pound NFL wide receiver and with pads on he looks even larger. Somehow, someway the person didn’t see him slowly walking into the tunnel and stepped directly in front of him. He got so close that he very well could have made contact with one of Adams’ feet. The guy was also yielding some sort of pole, which probably caught Adams a bit off guard as well.

It’s like the guy thought he was a ghost and Adams was going to walk right through him.

You’re not Casper though, sir, that’s a large and pissed-off professional athlete you decided to step within two centimeters of.


It’s safe to say that this guy won’t be walking directly in front of another NFL player walking into the tunnel anytime soon. Just wait for a break in the line of players, and weave your way through, instead of going chest-to-chest with an NFL wideout.

Adams offered up an apology shortly after the game:

Written by Mark Harris

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