Damar Hamlin Shares The Importance Of CPR Training In New Partnership With American Heart Association

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin wants to ensure that people will be ready to respond to a medical emergency after surviving his frightening on-field cardiac arrest.

After Hamlin collapsed on the field during Week 17’s matchup between the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, he received immediate CPR, which ultimately saved his life before an ambulance arrived and transported him to a hospital.

Hamlin is teaming up with the American Heart Association and spreading the word on CPR training to encourage others to learn the life-changing difference that knowing CPR could make.

Hamlin released a video on his Instagram account Tuesday afternoon to announce his “3 for Heart” initiative: a social media campaign encouraging three easy steps that could be the difference between life and death for an individual that suffers a similar health scare.

“As you know, CPR saved my life earlier this year on the field, and CPR could easily save your life or someone you love,” Hamlin shared in the video, breaking down the three steps to bring this initiative to light.

First, he encouraged viewers to learn hands-only CPR.

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Then he promoted donations to the American Heart Association to continue highlighting CPR training and education.

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Third, he challenged viewers to tag three people to follow suit and spread the word on the “3 for Heart” campaign.

Considering how this simple procedure could be the solution in a moment of crisis, it’s an honorable effort by Hamlin and a positive promotion that only demonstrates how grateful the 24-year-old was for the Bills medical staff that jumped in at a moment’s notice to keep his heart going.

Bills assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington stepped up when Hamlin collapsed on the field, administering CPR to Hamlin for several minutes before the medical staff administered defibrillation.

Hamlin also tagged three people in his video: Lakers star LeBron James, NFL GOAT Tom Brady and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

On Saturday, Hamlin released his first public address since the incident.

“With this happening to me, I didn’t feel anything short of the love, and it really helped me stay encouraged to get through the toughest moments and the toughest times. I really can’t thank you enough,” Hamlin said.

He added, “Just to put team allegiance aside, to root for one kid’s life and just the humanity of a player that’s wearing Buffalo blue, to put humanity above team loyalty, you showed the world unity over division. I’m, not surprised by it, but I’m deeply grateful. I’ll be forever thankful and indebted to that …

“I couldn’t do this without any of the support and the love, and I can’t wait to continue to take y’all on this journey with me.”

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Whether a medical emergency can occur to a friend, family member or stranger, it’s always best to be prepared.

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