Damar Hamlin Silences Aubrey Huff, Conspiracies With Touching On-Camera Video, His First Since Harrowing Collapse

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Damar Hamlin is extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and support that he has received in the weeks since his harrowing collapse on Monday Night Football. The 24-year-old Bills safety spoke to the public for the first time in a touching video posted on Saturday.

Hamlin said that he felt like what happened to him was a “direct example of God using (him) as a vessel to share (his) passion and (his) love directly from (his) heart with the entire world.” He also made it clear that it was important for him to speak publicly at the right time.

It was just a lot to process within my own self mentally, physically, even spiritually, it’s just been a lot to process. But I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of all the love, all the support, and everything that’s just been coming my way.

— Damar Hamlin

Hamlin then went on to thank Buffalo’s medical staff and the doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. His message was extremely positive, encouraging, and full of gratitude.

With this happening to me, I didn’t feel anything short of the love, and it really helped me stay encouraged to get through the toughest moments and the toughest times. I really can’t thank you enough…

Just to put team allegiance aside, to root for one kid’s life and just the humanity of a player that’s wearing Buffalo blue, to put humanity above team loyalty, you showed the world unity over division. I’m, not surprised by it, but I’m deeply grateful. I’ll be forever thankful and indebted to that…

I couldn’t do this without any of the support and the love, and I can’t wait to continue to take y’all on this journey with me.

—Damar Hamlin

Here is Damar Hamlin in his own words:

Hamlin most recently appeared at Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round game between his Bills and the Bengals. It served as a beacon of hope that was bigger than football.

However, there was a subset of morons who did not believe that it was actually Hamlin at the game. Among them, two-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff.

Those who put on their tinfoil hats and chose ignorance were shut down with one word from Hamlin last week. Josh Allen was also quick to point out the lunacy of those who believed that it was not actually his teammate in the locker room on Sunday.

Hamlin’s frightening incident, as scary as it was and continues to be, served something of a divine purpose. His message to the public on Saturday only added more hope to a nation that came together over one common cause.

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