Josh Allen Reacts To Damar Hamlin Body Double Conspiracy Theory

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Josh Allen isn’t impressed with people spreading rumors about whether or not Damar Hamlin has a body double.

For some unknown reason, rumors about Hamlin having a double spread like wildfire after he appeared at the Bills/Bengals game over the weekend.

Some people truly believe it wasn’t actually Hamlin at the game but somebody posing as him. Why? There’s no logical explanation, and Allen wants it to stop.

“That’s stupid … That’s our guy, that’s our brother. He was with us pregame, postgame, he was up in the suite with his family, his little brother, 100%. So, people need to stop that sh*t,” Allen told Kyle Brandt when asked directly about the rumors of a body double.

Josh Allen is setting the record straight about Damar Hamlin.

There’s been a weird amount of bizarre theories flying around Hamlin. After his medical emergency against the Bengals in Cincy, a tweet (that I refuse to link to) claimed the government was setting up the military at the hospital so they could cover up the truth. It was complete nonsense, but that didn’t stop it spreading all over social media.

Now, Josh Allen is making it clear it’s a bogus claim and it needs to stop.

Josh Allen reacts to rumors about Damar Hamlin having a body double. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

The biggest question is why would there even need to be a body double of Damar Hamlin? What would the purpose be? What would be the goal?

He suffered a medical emergency with his heart on the field. It would be totally understandable if he stayed out of the public eye for a bit.

There’s literally no logical explanation for needing to trot a body double out there. Do people think he’s Uday Hussein or something? It’s absurd.

Josh Allen shoots down rumors about Damar Hamlin having a body double. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Props to Josh Allen for not tolerating nonsensical rumors about Damar Hamlin. Just cut it out with the garbage.

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  1. I am not saying Hamlin is dead or anything, but I 100% believe that was not him they were showing on the broadcast. Whitlock wrote about him wanting to not speak until he finds the highest bidder, which makes sense, but to be able to move that well and everything with him hiding his face and not saying anything about the millions of dollars people donated. Something is off.

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