Two-Time World Series Champ Aubrey Huff Tweets The NFL May Be Covering Up Damar Hamlin’s Death; Is Quickly Eviscerated

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Lack of exposure; no real interviews; a sharp drop in media coverage since the cardiac arrest … two-time World Series champ Aubrey Huff believes something’s up with Bills safety Damar Hamlin after suffering an on-field cardiac arrest in Week 17.

Huff has grown increasingly suspicious over the NFL’s major shift with the Hamlin news cycle: going from daily coverage on his status to going seemingly mum on the whole issue after Hamlin was declared healthy enough to no longer require medical attention.

This week, Huff put on his silver “thinking cap” and pitched a wild proposal on the whole Hamlin conspiratorial news cycle by stating that Hamlin’s either in grave shape or possibly dead.

And that the NFL is covering up the whole shebang.

Huff tweeted:

“Isn’t it weird that Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin was the biggest story for two weeks. Now we have media silence. Not a social media post from him, picture, or live video. Somethings fishy. NFL is either covering up his death, or he’s in bad shape.”

Given the rolling footage that has come out from the NFL and those around Hamlin, the conspiracy that Hamlin’s dead (an actual thing) has somehow managed to gain steam.

So far, the proof that Hamlin is still alive has ranged from personal postings on Hamlin’s Instagram and Twitter accounts to longtime friend and Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders sharing footage of his FaceTime call with the recovering Bills safety.

Now, the elephant in the room here is that the Hamlin coverage has skirted any insight as to what caused the 24-year-old to go into cardiac arrest, with many assuming that the COVID vaccine played a part.

But to fully endorse the potential of Hamlin’s passing and that a grand scheme is in play to not just hire a body double but to fully mask a player’s death is next-level … creative.

If Hamlin were truly gone, the grievances from his close family and friends have been about as subdued as the news coverage of his recovery.

But if it’s merely food for thought, the Twitter masses spit out Huff’s claims.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you ill?” one commenter responded.

And the hits kept coming.

Thankfully conversation is better to embrace than negate; so what do you think of Huff’s comment? Let us know.

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  1. It is extremely, extremely odd that he hasn’t been live on a single show considering every single sports show, news show, morning show, late night show, radio show, etc would kill to have him as a guest. If he’s healthy enough to go to a game, where is he? It’s a fair question.

  2. I expected Outkick to be more on the side of Huff (not saying he is dead but atleast asking the fair questions) than NFL and Big Pharma… but I guess when they are owned by Fox now some things change.

    This 100% deserves to be looked at considering “Conspiracy theorists” are undefeated since 2020

  3. I agree with some of the stuff Aubrey Huff says but he’s one of the types that makes the rest of us (who aren’t left wing) look like assholes. It’s like when Kyrie stands up against the vaccine, it’s awesome. But when Kyrie starts talking flat earth, it’s like please stfu because you are undermining the important shit.

    I do agree it’s strange he’s been so hidden from the public eye though. But if he really died it would have been easier for the NFL to claim he died from a freak accident than to keep a lie going in perpetuity. Plus, what’s the likelyhood everyone on the Bills agreed to go along with it? You think Cole Beasley would stay silent to cover up for the NFL & Pfizer?

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