Rachel Bush Shows Off Her Beach Hair In Ibiza

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Rachel Bush is currently enjoying a little time in the sun in Ibiza, if the location on her latest Instagram picture is to be believed. She’s also showing off her beach hair and handing out her own score on the look.

It’s the perfect time to catch some sun, work on the tan before the fall gets here, and light up social media with a bikini pic. All things that Rachel accomplished on Saturday afternoon.

She captioned the shot, “Beach hair, no makeup, and a tan. 10/10.” It’s a caption and a score that can’t really be argued with.

It’s an easy 10 out of 10. The beach hair is on point, there’s no need for makeup, and the tan looks great. All that and I haven’t even mentioned the bikini selection.

Vacation season ends when the regular season begins

There’s nothing like spending a little bit of time in Ibiza to refresh. Or so I hear. I’ve never been, but everyone that shares from their visit to the popular vacation destination has a great time.

Speaking of vacations, you have to believe this is one of the last ones of the summer for the Bills WAG. Jordan Poyer’s season is almost here and Rachel is at just about every one of Buffalo’s games.

Get in all of the vacation time you can before the season gets here. It’s a real grind and not just for the players, it takes a lot out of the family too. Especially if you mix it up on social media as Rachel does from time to time.

I’d prepare for a very long season if I was her. Buffalo has gone from a bit of surprise team to a team that has proven themselves.

With that kind of transformation comes serious expectations. Serious expectations usually lead to a very long season. All eyes will be on Buffalo this season, on and of course off the field.

Written by Sean Joseph

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