Cycling Team Parts Ways With Olympian After She Says Transgender Women Shouldn’t Compete Against Biological Females

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Olympic cyclist Inga Thompson does not believe that transgender women (biological men) should compete against biological women. Thompson recently called on fellow women cyclists to protest against a policy allowing biological men to race against women, and as a result, was removed as director of Cynisca Cycling team.

Saying men shouldn’t compete against women is not only a controversial opinion in the eyes of those who do not possess common sense, but a fireable offense as well.

Thompson’s call for protest came after transgender woman Austin Killips won the Tour of the Gila against biological females.


The Union Cycliste International (UCI) has consistently defended its rules allowing biological men to race against women. The organization stated that “scientific findings” haven’t shown a reason to ban men from racing against women.

Thompson shared her tweet on May 7, and on May 11 Cynisca Cycling parted ways with her.

Cynisca shared a statement about the departure of Thompson and claimed it was an “apolitical organization” despite the fact that the decision to remove her is rooted in liberal politics.

“Ms. Thompson’s departure resolves a troubling conflict of interest. Cynisca is an apolitical organization, and her campaign and methods, by charter, UCI Code of Ethics, U.S. law and decency, are not and will never be Cynisca’s mission,” the statement read.

Inga Thompson Rightfully Sticking Up For Women’s Sports

The organization said that Thompson’s social media presence includes the “dehumanization of transgender people.”

“To be clear, Ms. Thompson is entitled to her opinions and advocacy, but her methods and personal attacks are inconsistent with Cynisca’s mission to advance opportunities for women. Those methods, well-documented on Ms. Thompson’s social media presence, include dehumanization of transgender people, spreading misinformation, demagoguery, and personal attacks on anyone who opposes her views.”

Cynisca, like other extremely woke organizations and individuals, operates under the impression that anyone who doesn’t believe biological men should compete against women is transphobic.

Thompson saying that men don’t belong in women’s cycling isn’t her being anti-trans, it’s her simply not wanting biological men ruining women’s sports.

Simple-minded people and organizations like Cynisca, can’t wrap their minds around the fact that two things can be true at once. A person can have no issue with transgender people, but can have a problem with them competing in women’s sports.

Until organizations start to realize that, we’re going to see more and more situations like this of people losing jobs and being removed from certain positions. That is, if athletes are brave enough to speak up, like Thompson is.

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