Alex Morgan Out Wokes Her Teammate, Spins Her Own Opinion Detached From Reality Regarding Trans Kids In Sports

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If you’re ranking the most political, liberal, woke sports teams in North America and the U.S. women’s national soccer team isn’t atop your list, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Megan Rapinoe may still hold the throne for the most-woke athlete in American female sports as she’s now known more as an anti-American political activist than a soccer player, but some of her teammates are coming for her crown.

Becky Sauerbrunn jumped into the never-ending debate about biological men being able to compete in women’s sports by writing an op-ed in her home state newspaper, the Springfield News-Leader. She, of course, is all about biological males competing (ruining) in women’s sports.

In her op-ed, Sauerbrunn called out Missouri lawmakers who have proposed a law that would keep biological males identifying as females from playing women’s sports.


Alex Morgan, the most-well known USWNT soccer player outside of Rapinoe, was asked about her teammate’s op-ed on Wednesday. Not only did she agree with Sauerbrunn’s opinion, but spun the narrative into something that wasn’t being discussed to begin with.

“The inclusion of trans kids in sports is the inclusion of kids in sports,” Morgan told The Athletic’s Meg Linehan. “Everyone should have the ability to play sport. The fact that it’s being taken into politics is really sad. And I think it’s at the cost of trans kids’ life.”

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Alex Morgan wants biological men to compete in women’s sports. (Photo by Alex Caparros – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Like most who are blindly ‘fighting’ for trans athletes, Morgan believes that trans kids must compete against biological men or women. She reads a headline of a news story or her teammate’s op-ed and believes that lawmakers are saying ‘trans kids can’t play sports’ when, in reality, that isn’t the case at all.

Nobody is saying trans kids can not or do not deserve to play sports. The actual issue is biological men who wake up one day, decide to be a woman, and sign up to compete against biological women.

Of all the sports teams in the world, the USWNT knows first-hand what it’s like for women to compete against biological men.

Back in 2017, the USWNT took on an under-15 boys team affiliated with FC Dallas. The teenage boys just starting puberty embarrassed arguably the best women’s soccer team on the planet, 5-2.

That’s the most literal example imaginable that shows biological men, in this case, boys, have a competitive advantage over women in sport. But, according to Morgan and her teammate, we must toss that fact aside if a man decides to identify and transition into a woman.

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