Shocker: Jeff Bezos-Owned Washington Post Is Against Elon Musk Owning Twitter

In a shocking twist that nobody saw coming, the Washington Post is rooting against billionaire Elon Musk's attempt to buy all the remaining outstanding shares of Twitter for $54.20 and then take the company private so he can operate it as he likes.

Sunday's editorial board offering from the Post couldn't have been clearer. "Let’s hope he doesn’t succeed," the board of billionaire Jeff Bezos' newspaper wrote.

The editorial board of a newspaper owned by a guy who looks like he's fueled by the best steroids in the world and a guy who seems to enjoy a quality set of bolt-ons writes that Musk's references to 420 is a "juvenile display" and the "substance of his ideas for the future of Twitter are worth some wariness on their own."

The Post says it's "almost impossible" for Musk, as promised, to protect speech and keep Twitter free of bots and spam. The board says that about a guy who has figured out how to fly rockets into outer space, fill suburban neighborhoods with electric cars, and bore tunnels under cities to help those Teslas avoid traffic.

This is one of the most predictable newspaper editorials in the history of newspaper editorials.

Elon's going to ruin the social media platform. He's going to remove the ban on Trump. He's going to let the Babylon Bee return to the tweet game! 

Social media apps can only be owned by people we approve of.

Washington Post columnist Max Boot, who has a Ukraine flag in his Twitter bio to show he's ready to win a war via emojis, was so worried about Musk he tweeted last week that "for democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less."

And Max wants to pick the content moderators.

That's right, Twitter is a better place when Trump is banned and Elon Musk isn't operating the business. Did you notice how Twitter became such a lovely place when Trump left? Boot's been living in this perfect social media bubble ever since Twitter moderators kicked Trump out of the club.

And the Post and Boot believe in order to keep Twitter the current pile of sludge that it is, Musk must be kept from ownership and Trump must keep releasing statements on his golf game.

More content moderation. What a bunch of fools.


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