Paulina Gretzky Fires Off One Final Instagram Heater In 2022

Paulina Gretzky has crushed it this year, and the Instagram star is ending 2022 with a bang.

Gretzky got married to Dustin Johnson back in the spring, the two made hundreds of millions while destroying LIV competition over the summer, and then Paulina celebrated the holidays earlier this month with one heck of a 34th birthday bash.

Now - if her latest Instagram story is any indication - she's going into the final weekend of the year ready to get after it!

2022 was the year of Paulina Gretzky

Our girl looks like she's ready to roll on this New Years weekend, and, if the last few months have shown us anything, I'm sure she won't disappoint.

Gretzky and DJ tied the knot in the spring after spending nearly a decade together, and Paulina took her Instagram followers behind the scenes of the big day with several intimate photos.

In an absolute stunning twist, she killed it.

Paulina laid low for a few months after the big day, only to reemerge late last summer after Team Dustin Johnson won the LIV title down in Miami.

The 34-year-old daughter of Wayne also (allegedly) spent championship weekend engaged in an absolute battle with Brooks Koepka's wife, Jena Sims.

Gretzky also celebrated the LIV win with her own special fashion line.

Finally, Gretzky ended the year with an absolute banger 34th birthday party earlier this month that included a “Paulina’s Studio 34” drink menu, shots, a disco ball, and enough candles to make even the most experienced firefighter queasy.

Will this latest story be Paulina's grand finale for 2022?

Something tells me she's got a few more tricks up her sleeve as we head into the holiday weekend, so stay tuned.

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