Moms Fight At Taylor Swift Concert, Budweiser Accused Of Mutilating Horses, Cart Girl Cass Holland With Ryan Reynolds

California may have had Coachella over the weekend, but you know who we had in the great, big, beautiful state of Florida? Taylor Swift and a bunch of high, drunk, angry Swifties and their mothers.

Yeah, once again it's Free Florida 1, Communist California 0.

And on that note ... welcome to another week of Nightcaps! As you can see, I'm ready to run through a brick wall today.

And why wouldn't I be? Here's a fun fact: I lived in Boston for four years. True story. It's the only time I've ever left Florida, and -- let's be honest -- the only time I ever will.

Anyway, it's Patriots Day in New England, which is just an awesome day. It's an actual holiday up there, kids are out of school, the Red Sox play at 11 a.m. and the city is electric from sun-up to sundown.

Yes, I was there for 2013 Marathon bombings. In fact, I was a few blocks down the road. Double in fact: I was actually on my way to the finish line about 10 minutes before the bomb went off but stopped at Panera because I was about 220 in college and couldn't go 10 minutes without eating.

Never been so happy to be fat in my life.

It was a wild week after the bombing -- obviously. Living in the city during that time was insane. I literally woke up every day for the next week and looked out my dorm window and all you saw was the National Guard stationed at every street corner and literal tanks going up and down the road.

We were locked down before being locked down was a thing, and you spent weeks avoiding trash cans on the street because there were rumors that the bomber rigged some of them up. Again, true story.

Anyway, I have a couple pictures I dug out that somehow survived several phone changes over the past decade. Stick around and take a look.

But first, let's start today's class on a lighter (pun intended) note -- like Taylor Swift fans going AT each other over a joint.

Taylor Swift fans not happy with the smell at Florida concert

The Swifties flocked to the Sunshine State late last week for three days worth of Taylor Swift over in Tampa, and -- like moths to a flame -- we got some A+ content.

Not from any of Taylor's actual songs, though. Nope. We got some kicking and screaming from a couple moms who did NOT appreciate getting second-hand high during White Horse.

Side note: I have no idea if that's still a popular song. I'll be honest with you, I checked out of Taylor Swift content after she ditched country music. Give me Love Story or give me death.

So, here's the deal -- best I can gather.

Apparently, a couple Swifties lit a joint, and, shockingly, the smell didn't escape the 80,000 in attendance. I despise concerts, but I've been forced to go to a couple and that ain't anything new.

Unfortunately, the folks right behind these hard-core drug users happened to be a couple moms with their kiddos, which led to some bad blood.

Yes, it's a lame joke I stole from the caption. Whatever. It had to be done.

Anyway, after some Big J journalism digging, I found Part 2 of this saga.

Would you throw $17 beers at Taylor Swift concert?

According to this chick, the angry moms started hurling drinks at boyfriend Jesse, who is the guy who appears to be humping the railing in the first video. Things escalated throughout the night as they kept pouring "$17 dollar beers" on them, and all hell broke loose.

"And then I turned around and I punched her in the face, and that's when I think they went to go get the police," she says.

Gee, ya think? Hilarious. That'll usually do it every time. In my experience, when you start punching people in the face, the police are called. Supply and demand, baby.

And how about this girl admitting at the end that she just flat out lied to the cops about hitting them? If the glove fits!

Anyway, my question here is, who's side are we on? The angry moms who hurled beers at the nasty kids smoking weed, or are we #TeamJesse and this girl who said enough is enough and decked them?

Personally, I can't get past the $17 beer part. What are we doing here?

PETA not happy with Budweiser Clydesdale commercial

You know which beer I'm definitely NOT spending $17 on? Bud Light! I'd spend $117 on an ice cold Yuengling, though.

The Anheuser-Busch shaming has rolled right into Week No. 3, and the train is showing no signs of slowing down.

If ANYONE can put the brakes on it, though, it's PETA -- probably the only company in the world more hated than AB right now.

And, right on cue, PETA did NOT like Budweiser's shiny new commercial that launched over the weekend.

From PETA President Ingrid Newkirk "in response to a new Budweiser advertisement featuring a Clydesdale horse whose tailbone—like many Clydesdales used by Budweiser—has been cruelly amputated."

If Budweiser thinks 'the American spirit' condones the needless mutilation of horses’ tails just to make them look a certain way, it is out of touch with public sentiment against cruelty to animals, and it knows full well that many U.S. states, including at least one featured in its commercial, have banned severing horses’ tailbones for cosmetic purposes. PETA is calling on the King of Tears to stop cutting into Clydesdales’ lower spines.

Congrats, Anheuser-Busch! You've managed to now piss off the right AND the left. Impressive. At this point, I don't even know who to root for.

Just kidding. I'm with Dick Yuengling!

Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass calls out United Airlines

Couple more quickies before Cart Girl Cass Holland takes us into the week.

Where do we stand on this claim from Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass?

That's a toughie!

On one hand, Sir Anthony here doesn't paint a great picture. Making a 22-week pregnant mom get on her "hands and knees" to clean up isn't the best look for any airline -- although I'd imagine that's common practice at Spirit.

But, to my surprise, a ton of the comments appear to side with United on this one.

I did NOT see that coming. When I first saw this tweet, I was all in with Anthony Bass. And I still am!

Hey, flight attendant -- maybe just suck it up and read the room? Maybe pick up the eight pieces of popcorn so Ms. Bass can wrangle her two other kids off the plane.

I'm sorry, I'm very much against the majority of Twitter on this one, which makes me believe Anthony and I are 100% in the right.

I've also never been on a flight where a flight attendant tells someone to pick something up. And hey, Tiffany, enough with the virtue-signaling with your dumb little picture. We get it.

Same with you, Corey. And to answer your stupid question, yep, I 100% expect that.

Lolo Jones calls me out and true love in China

You know who definitely would side with Twitter on this one? Lolo Jones, the former LSU track star who sent me butt into the weekend by firing absolute haymakers.

In case you missed it, Lolo was angry at a story I wrote making fun of her for calling LSU a track school. Her words:

I’m telling you, LSU track and field is the powerhouse for that university.

LSU Track and Field can have 100,000 natty's and nobody with a half a brain would call it the "powerhouse" for the university. Come on. That's funny. I've got nothing against T&F, by the way. Great sport, great athletes.

But LSU is a football school just like Alabama's a football school just like Florida's a football school.

Also, can someone tell me what "cap on your articles" means? Please and thank you!

Finally, before Cass cheers us up from the pool, here's the saddest thing you'll see all week:

Cart Girl Cass Holland hangs with Ryan Reynolds

It's tough to see a man reduced to that, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Is there any girl in the world you'd get on your knees for 21 hours for?

Mount rushmore!

Cart Girl Cass Holland -- a Nightcaps OG -- is a close fifth. Turns out, our girl hung out with Ryan Reynolds over the weekend and didn't even realize it (around 1:15, but stay till the end for obvious reasons).

Love Cass. So pure, so innocent. Just out there grinding and doesn't even realize the star power around her. She's the best.

2013 Boston Marathon aftermath in pictures

As I said a bit ago -- OK, like 20 minutes ago. Yes, I ramble -- the days after the 2013 bombing were insane.

School was shut down, the subway was shut down, we had curfews and lockdowns and you sort of just sat there waiting for the shoe to drop.

Hell, I can remember sitting in our suite listening to the police scanner on our iPhone 5s's. What a wild time.

I give the northeast and Boston and all the liberal cities a ton of crap nowadays, but I was proud as hell to witness how the city came together after the bomb went off right down the road. It was awesome.

Have a drink for those who didn't come back home that day, and have one for those who made it possible for the ones who did.

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