Lolo Jones Says Shaq Was High When He Declared Angel Reese The GOAT, Boldly States LSU A Track School

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Former LSU track legend — and US Olympian — Lolo Jones ain’t buying what Shaquille O’Neal is selling. In fact, she thinks Shaq may have been a little dazed and confused when he declared Angel Reese the GOAT of LSU athletics earlier this week.

“Shaq knew what he was doing,” Jones told TMZ. “Shaq’s just bored. He’s coming off hip surgery. He’s chilling at home. I think Shaq, honestly, is high on some pain medicines. The list is so big with LSU.”

Lolo Jones says Shaq was high for Angel Reese LSU comment.
Lolo Jones says LSU is a track school. (Photo by Kirby Lee/WireImage)

Lolo Jones says Angel Reese is great, but track runs LSU

In case you don’t keep up with Shaq’s thoughts, the big man stirred the pot this week when he said Angel Reese was the greatest thing to ever come out of LSU. It’s a big list, as Jones said, but O’Neal sounded like a man with convictions when he made the declaration on The Big Pod on Tuesday.

“She’s probably the greatest athlete to come out of LSU sports. You heard it here first. Man and female,” Shaq said before doubling down like the man he is.

“She delivered that package. A lot of us got the package and we still got that package in our truck… Joe Burrow got it done a few years ago, but she’s way more athletic than he is,” he concluded.

So bold, so spicy — and, let’s be honest, so hilariously wrong. But I respect the hell out of Shaq for making waves. We’re in the #content business here at OutKick, and absurd statements like that are what pays the bills.

Jones — a legendary hurdler and bobsledder — agreed! She told TMZ Shaq was only trying to stir the pot because it would make for good “water cooler talk.”

“So, for Shaq to have the audacity to say ‘she’s the best ever,'” Jones continued, “I’m like, ‘Bro, chill on the pain meds,’ because that list is arduous. So long.”

And, speaking of water cooler talk, the former track champ who won three NCAA titles ended the interview with an equally outrageous statement.

“She’s cooking. Let her keep cooking. But I’m telling you, LSU track and field is the powerhouse for that university,” she said.

Yeah, OK. Sure thing, Lolo!

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