Olympian Lolo Jones: I’ve Had 3 Male Stalkers In Past Year

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Olympian Lolo Jones took to Instagram Tuesday to reveal she’s been stalked not one, not two, but three times by three different men over the past year.

Jones, 40, detailed her experiences in a lengthy post that included screenshots of one of the alleged stalkers on her front porch, and ended with her telling her nearly 600,000 followers in no uncertain terms that she’s NEVER dating anyone from Instagram.

“I’m DONE. If there was any confusion here is me being very f*cking clear: I’m not interested. EVER. This is not the way to go,” she said.

Lolo Jones, US Olympian, posts ‘thirst trap’ birthday shoot on Instagram

This isn’t the first time Jones – the former LSU track star who’s best known for competing on the US Women’s bobsled team – pulled back the curtains on her personal life for all her Instagram followers.

Last spring, the 40-year-old detailed the ruthless trolling she’s received from various guys for her decision not to have sex before marriage.

Months prior, she lit the world on fire with a steamy post on her 39th birthday showing the world her “thirst trap” body to kick off the final year in her thirties.

Frankly, seems a little mixed signal-ish to me, but what do I know?

Jones, who turned 40 last summer, ultimately missed last year’s Winter Olympics.

She was attempting to qualify for a chance to win her first Olympic medal – 13 years after she lost the gold at the 2008 Summer Games.

While she’s dealt with several Instagram trolls throughout the years, Jones received plenty of support in her most recent post.

Fellow track and field star Nia Ali even commented on the situation, calling it “sickening.”

Lolo Jones, Olympian, keeps getting stalked.
Olympian Lolo Jones can’t keep the stalkers at bay.

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