Greg Olsen Warns Tom Brady About NFL Broadcasting

Greg Olsen is keeping the seat warm for Tom Brady over at FOX (great company, by the way), but the former tight end ain't going down without a fight.

According to Olsen's broadcast partner Kevin Burkhardt, the three fellas had quite the exchange during a pre-game meeting earlier this year.

Apparently, Olsen tried a little reverse psychology on the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

“I can tell you one thing, some of the other stuff I’ll leave with us,” Burkhardt told the Sports Illustrated Media podcast this week. “We’re just shooting the sh*t at first, like you usually do before you actually start these meetings. Greg said, ‘Tom, I gotta tell ya, this TV thing sucks.’

"It was great, we were dying laughing. It was fun, we had a good back and forth.”

Tom Brady stepping into broadcast booth after retiring

It's been one hell of a year for one Tom Brady, so much so that you almost forget that he reportedly signed a 10-year, $375 million with FOX to become the No. 1 color analyst whenever he retires.

Most years, that would be huge news, but 2022 has hit Brady a bit different.

He retired for five minutes back in the spring, decided to come back, pissed off wife Gisele Bündchen in the process, and then the two called it quits last month.

Over on the football side, things haven't been going much better.

The Bucs (5-5) have been pretty awful, Brady has looked pretty pedestrian, and the team looks nothing like the one that won a Super Bowl just two years ago.

But hey, Tommy has a cushy job waiting for him whenever he decides enough's enough!

Burkhardt and Olsen replaced the iconic duo of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman as FOX's No. 1 broadcast team this year, and they've been excellent. It's hard to step into those shoes and keep the good times rolling, and Olsen and Burkhardt have done a pretty flawless job.

And hey, Olsen even warned us he was gonna make the decision hard!

“If Brady does retire and he steps into it, I want it to be like, ‘I know Brady’s coming, but damn, I don’t want to replace this guy.’ That’s my mindset, and I can’t control anything else,” Olsen told Adam Schefter's podcast this past summer.

“I’m gonna try to give people a fun broadcast, a unique broadcast. If I get replaced by Tom Brady, I get it. but along the way, I’m gonna try to make it as hard as hell on everybody involved.”

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