Fan Sucker Punches Usher At Nats Game, Promptly Gets Put In A Headlock And Clawed To Death

Another day, another unruly fan starts a fight and leaves the ballpark with a bloody face.

Usher bloodies fan at Nationals game

This stadium brawl was more of a slow burn, but the payoff was certainly there. It all starts out pretty normal with stadium security ushering this cat outta' the park as other fans chant, 'Get him out!' Our guy then whips out a weird dance, which, frankly, was a shock. Did NOT see that coming at all. Our hero eventually comes in about 30 seconds later, and appears to have the situation under control. He gets the guy up a few stairs, and seems to be keeping the peace before a vigilante appears out of nowhere. And clearly, his wife/girlfriend knew nothing good was going to come of it.

Anyway, those two have some words, but that guy eventually moves on. And then things take a turn. Don't know what was said, but fingers started pointing and the haymaker was thrown to the shock of everyone.

Right around now is when our mysterious usher, who, remember, came in late to the party, has had ENOUGH. We get ourselves a classic headlock and chokehold, mixed in with a few scratches down the face. More security shows up to help pummel the guy, who eventually reemerges about 15 seconds later with a bloody face and somehow accuses the usher of hitting him first. Don't know how he thought he'd get away with that accusation in the era of cellphones, but shooters shoot, I reckon. In any event, all is well that ends well as the crowd gives us the famous 'fan-fight' chant as he walks away. What a scene. PS: Rip, Oakleys.    

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