Britney Spears Deletes Instagram Account; Cops Perform 'Welfare Check'; Pop Star 'Annoyed'

Sound the alarms! Britney Spears is no longer on Instagram.

If you're thinking, who gives a shit (aren't we all?), you don't share the opinion of Ventura County police. Upon being alerted that the pop princess deleted her IG, the police department acted swiftly and shot over to the Spears residence to perform a welfare check. Seriously.

Apparently if Britney isn't baring it all on IG, there must be something wrong, right?

Per TMZ, Ventura County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Britney Spears' Thousand Oaks home Tuesday night around 11 p.m. to perform the welfare check. TMZ further added: "Law enforcement sources told us they received several calls from fans who became concerned for Britney’s safety after she deleted her Instagram account."

TMZ also reports that Spears was 'annoyed' by the visit from police.

I mean, WTF?

A Britney Spears Welfare Check Was Conducted By Police

Members of the Britney Army actually called police to inform them the pop icon had deleted her Instagram.


This, they intend, was reason enough to believe Britney might be in danger.

Funny, I'm still waiting for police to show up at my door ever since I called it quits on MySpace.

Though police told TMZ that "authorities went to her home out of an abundance of caution," I have to wonder if they actually paid a visit to try and get a peek inside the Spears home. After seeing some of the racy content Spears has posted to her IG over the last year, it wouldn't be all the surprising to hear that an officer or two wanted a peek behind the curtain.

I mean, Brit has been pretty much an open-book for most of the last year. There's no telling who or what you might see behind closed doors of the Thousand Oaks mansion. My half-assed internet research contends that Netflix and chill isn't Spears' preferred at-home hobby.

There was the bathtub photo shoot, naked movie promotion, a topless experience on the way to the Catalina Wine Mixer (maybe), and a London photo sesh sure to get a rise out of Big Ben, just to name a few.

Spears Turned 41 In December

I think we're all glad that the welfare check confirmed Britney's alright. And now the Britney Army can move onto their next mission, getting Spears back in front of the camera.

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