Chaos: Couple Changes Baby Diaper In Middle Of Flight On Tray Table

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The aliens can’t come soon enough.

A new post by a Reddit user has gone viral after they claimed they were an airline passenger that had to deal with a couple changing a baby’s diaper on the tray table in front of them.

Forget the aliens, I need that Earth-ending comet to hit us ASAP.

Posted in the “AITA,” subreddit channel, the passenger asked if they were in the wrong when they asked the couple if they would change their infant baby’s diaper in the restroom – which had a baby changing table in it.

A baby sleeps while flying in an airplane. (Photo by Ozge Elif Kizil/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“What got to me was the couple changing their baby’s extremely stinky number-two diaper right in the middle of their seats — using the mom’s food tray as a changing table,” the 28-year-old Reddit woman posted.

But it wasn’t just one changing.

“I didn’t say anything the first time, but the second time I heard them go into the diaper bag a couple of hours later, I asked if they could please go use the plane bathroom instead of exposing everyone on the plane to the smell,” she continued.

That’s when the passenger says that the baby’s mother went off on her in a tirade screaming that she doesn’t know how difficult it is to fly with children. Eventually a flight attendant intervened and requested that the couple use the changing facilities in the restroom as well.

A passenger claims that a couple changed their baby’s diaper on an airline tray table. (Photographer: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg via Getty Images


I mean listen, everyone can agree that traveling with infants is tough. Nobody wants to be that person that has the crying baby that is freaking out and having the whole entire plane staring at them, seething in anger because they can’t get their child under control. Although it’s frustrating, at least people can relate to that. That’s why I tell everyone to do my flying method – headphones in, wear a hoodie and throw it over your head, sunglasses maybe and just dose off.

Are we going to bring back face masks next? Not because of Covid, but because we have lunatic parents that are busting out disgusting, used diapers mid-flight?

Newsflash to you psychopaths out there, it is NOT acceptable, under any situation whatsoever, is to use the damn tray table to change your kid’s soiled diaper.

Like WTF are we doing people?

Hundreds of people replied to the Reddit thread agreeing with the airline passenger, with many saying not only is it unsanitary but it is also a major flight risk should the plane hit turbulence while your kid is just laid out on the table.

When someone chimed in saying that what the parents did was fine because the “tray tables get cleaned anyway,” someone claiming to be an airline attendant said that is NOT true, and that they are only cleaned at the end of the day, which was news to me as well.

So what have we learned?

That society is crumbling all around us and that even basic norms like when or where to change a dirty diaper has become a point of controversy.

Oh, and never, ever touch the airplane’s tray table.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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