Random Reddit Post About Will Levis, Carolina Panthers Causes Massive Swing In NFL Draft Betting Lines

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Will Levis’ odds to be the first pick of the NFL Draft are skyrocketing, and it appears to be tied back to a random Reddit post.

Levis has long been viewed as a lock to go in the first round, but conventional thinking for weeks has Bryce Young as the first player off the board to the Panthers.

Odds were even taken down on DraftKings because it was viewed as such a longshot. That all changed as of Tuesday morning.

Will Levis’ draft odds skyrocket after random Reddit rumor. (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Reddit post causes Will Levis’ draft odds to spike.

A random Reddit post went viral from u/SaleAgreeable2834 claiming Will Levis has told his family the Panthers are taking him first overall Thursday night.

His odds of being the first overall pick were +4000 in the previous DraftKings odds. He’s currently sitting at +500 as of Tuesday morning on DraftKings and +600 on FanDuel. His odds had been as high as +400.

It’s important to note that anyone can post anything on Reddit. There’s nothing stopping anyone from getting on there and just making stuff up.

That’s why the fact the line shifts are tied back to this post makes it all that much more insane. There’s no public reporting indicating Levis is going number one.

It all comes back to this Reddit post, and his odds are exploding ever since.

How much stock should be put in this?

The reality is that this whole situation should be taken with a grain of salt. If major reporters were hinting at Levis going first overall, it’d be a different story. That’s not happening. Not at all.

It’s just this Reddit post publicly. That’s what makes this situation so wild. Do the books know something the rest of us don’t know outside of this post?

If they do, it’s not publicly available.

Will Levis sees a spike in his odds to go first overall. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

If this does turn into nothing more than a simple troll post, it will be one of the greatest troll jobs in recent memory. Tons of money is moving right now, and there’s nothing to indicate Bryce Young still isn’t a lock. Is it a waste of money or are people about to get very rich? Fans will find out Thursday night. Right now, something very fishy is going on.

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