Frontier Passenger Gone Wild: Florida Police Battle Unruly Warrior Who Wanted To Fight

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Hey dummy, get on the $9 flight, sit there, stay quiet and be thankful that it doesn’t cost $800 to fly to Miami.

Frontier Airlines passenger Simone Bryna Kim, 24, was arrested Tuesday by the Miami-Dade Police Department after she caused a disturbance on a Miami to Philadelphia bound flight filled with people slumming it on the budget airline and just praying they would get to their destination without going viral on the Internet.

It was not to be, Tuesday. Simone Kim had other ideas.

Simone Bryna Kim, 24, was arrested Tuesday for her ridiculous behavior on a Frontier Airlines flight out of Miami. / Twitter / Miami-Dade Police Department

According to police, Kim was asked by Frontier officials to exit the plane, but she wasn’t having it. Yep, that means the entire flight was told to get off. One thing led to another and the woman was “pushing, pulling and tensing” during a battle that also included Kim driving her fingernails into an officer’s elbow.

That’s assault, brother!

Then came the real fun: Police had to drag Kim to a squad car for a trip to central booking where she was charged with felony battery on an officer and felony resisting an officer. Simone also racked up another three basic misdemeanors that won’t raise eyebrows in the South Florida courts.

Let’s get to the action!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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