Candace Owens, Daily Wire Launching New Late-Night Show with Live Audience

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Candace Owens’ new show with The Daily Wire will launch on March 19, a project which Owens describes as a conservative late-night talk show that will consist of an opening monologue, an interview with a guest, and a panel discussion. Candace will air each Friday in front of a live audience in Nashville, Tennessee.

An interesting note in the announcement says that Owens’ show will only be available to Daily Wire subscribers, not free on YouTube as half of the outlet’s flagship program, The Ben Shapiro Show, is. This is yet further proof that the media industry’s transition to a direct-to-consumer model is underway. Fox News is launching two new shows around Tucker Carlson, its biggest star, on Fox Nation; ESPN’s top draw, Stephen A. Smith, has a new show on ESPN+; and, NBC’s Peacock has added a weekly Meet the Press program hosted by Chuck Todd, and features Joe Scarborough around big events.

The news media industry has entered unknown territory as cable news wrestles with a post-Trump era while viewers and listeners move to online and on-demand alternatives. Similar to the progressions of Barstool Sports, The Daily Wire moved from an outlet that creates personalities to one that signs known personalities, signing Owens back in November. Since signing Owens, the company also inked a deal with Gina Carano to create a film.

I suspect that The Daily Wire will soon be a threat to sign away established cable news personalities, the ones who could translate successfully to the digital medium.

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As for Owens’ show itself, its description mirrors Real Time with Bill Maher, airing each Friday and sharing a similar three-block format. Owens, who is known as a lightning rod, says the show will also focus on humor. “It’s going to be funny. It’s going to be lighthearted. I think the most important adjective is it’s going to be hopeful,” Owens teases in the press release.

Late-night political talk with a blend of humor has long been presented from a liberal point of view, see Bill Maher, John Oliver, and the cringe-worthy Trevor Noah for current examples. Now, conservative equivalents appear to be growing. As OutKick reported last month, Fox News is expanding Greg Gutfeld’s satire-focused late-night show to five days a week. I do, however, expect Owens’ show to dive deeper into serious topics than Gutfeld’s.

“When Candace Owens speaks, people listen, which is what makes her one of the most provocative and exciting cultural commentators of our time,” said Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. “We’re thrilled to be working with Candace and look forward to introducing a different side of her to America.”

Should Candace Owens’ show take off — which I predict it will — look for a domino effect on The Daily Wire, the news industry, and, of course, Owens’ status as a personality.

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