Disney Fires Conservative Gina Carano For Holocaust Analogy; Promotes Liberals Who Did the Same

The Disney-owned LucasFilms production company has removed actress Gina Carano from The Mandalorian amid backlash from her social media post likening modern-day Republicans to the Jews during the Holocaust.

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children,” Carano writes. “Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views.”

Carano’s tweet is a poor Holocaust analogy, and LucasFilms’ subsequent statement is a poor attempt to hide its motives, claiming that her post is “denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities.” That’s a lie. The truth is, Disney has a long history of employing individuals who have said and tweeted far more offensive statements than what Carano said.

Disney fired Carano, yet rehired James Gunn who wrote sexually explicit social media posts, some of which mentioned children. That’s a rather strong message, forgiving what Gunn said but punishing Carano for sympathizing with those who share her political beliefs — the side Disney opposes.

Here’s a look:

Gross, but per Disney, mostly forgivable.

The Gunn incident is one of many examples that show how spineless and flawed Disney’s decision-making is from the top down.

Not long ago, Carano’s co-star, Pedro Pascal, made an eerily similar analogy:

You may ask what happened to Pascal. Did the pronouns in his Twitter name save him? Perhaps, but his analogy, also overwrought, bashed former President Donald Trump. Therefore, Disney was fine with it.

AT&T didn’t mind either. HBO just hired Pascal to star in the upcoming The Last of Us adaptation, once he gets a break from filming The Mandalorian, of course.

Has Disney changed its stance on faulty Holocaust analogies? If yes, then it must have done so at 8 am this morning. Here’s ABC’s Terry Moran just yesterday comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

That remark is allowed at Disney’s major news outlet. In fact, it is promoted.

By the way, Jack Morrissey’s producing career at Disney is said to be looking up.

This fall, the Disney-run ESPN promoted Mark Jones after he mocked Trump-supporting professional athletes who suffered career-threatening injuries. This after he turned his Twitter account into a subreddit for wild far-Left conspiracies and baselessly accused the police of wanting to shoot him during a football game.

To be clear, I’ve long held the position that individuals, public or private, should almost never be fired over social media posts. And I still do. I especially oppose firing people in response to losers on social media whose only path to relevance is calling for others to lose their jobs, which is what happened with Carano. Yet, if Disney is going to open this door by firing Carano, how can Gunn, Pascal, Morrissey, and Jones remain employed by the same company? There is no standard here. Stop trying to add it up. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not supposed to.

Fear drives decision-making. Inconsistencies reveal motives.

The push to cancel/fire/ruin Carano started long before her social media post. Her removal campaign began once the public learned she committed a crime: holding conservative views while working in Hollywood. A November petition to have Carano fired ignited after she didn’t rush to support Black Lives Matter.

Thus, taking down Gina Carano has been in the works for months. Her social media post didn’t give Disney a reason to fire her. It gave Disney the excuse it has been seeking. It changes nothing moving forward. No new standard is set.

Because of her political beliefs, Carano has been walking on thin ice for a while in an industry that is determined to remove her and anyone else who dares to question the radical woke Left.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Rush Limbaugh said on his show a few weeks back, that the left is “terrified of the fact that at minimum, 50 million Americans feel they are being governed by an illegitimate administration. And remember, almost 80 million people voted for DT, so that’s an extremely conservative estimate.”

    Gina will be fine. She’ll receive a settlement, she’ll take her talents to an opinion show or podcast, and her popularity amongst conservatives and independents will skyrocket as she simply stated facts.

    The left continues to dig. Eventually they’ll find China. They’re almost there.

  2. As usual, the story ends up being what people say, rather than who they are. Pedro (Balmaceda) Pascal is actually a wretched phony. He grew up in Corona Del Mar, the richest spot in Orange County, in opulent wealth amassed by his criminal fugitive father, Jose Balmaceda. Dr. Balmaceda was a fertility doctor who got rich by conning his incredibly vulnerable patients by pretending to perform miracles. He was actually just using random unknowing donors to fake fertility success. When the indictments came down, Balmaceda fled back to Chile with his money to escape justice.

    Pascal loves to lecture others about their behavior and beliefs, but has never once acknowledged the luxury and privilege he has enjoyed by virtue of his father stealing millions from desperate people. He has never offered to repay the money his father stole from heartbroken and vulnerable families, or even acknowledged that it might have been wrong of him to grow up in a luxury that was the product of money obtained by ruining other peoples’ lives.

    So the next time you see Pascal lecture you on Twitter about human rights, remember that he just means humans whose stolen money he didn’t enjoy.

  3. This is really upsetting as I really enjoyed her work in the Mando. I hope she understands that real people appreciate her and not politicians or social woke companies (as they most are). I don’t know how any public person who wants to continue working would be on any social media platform, the trash coming out from it is truly depressing.

  4. Those James Gunn tweets, yikes. If you heard one of those jokes at a party it would make you blanch. Him doing them publicly is pretty beyond the pale. He went well past the line. Apparently, he was married to Jenna Fischer(Pam Beesly, The Office). That sullies a favorite show of mine.

  5. Conservatives are being silenced and snuffed out of the political discourse. Twitter is largely a left wing cesspool of false narratives and misinformation.

    We’ve let a really ugly brand of identity politics take over from the left. And it really is like a strange inverse of Nazism. And while they aren’t using concentration camps(yet) they are certainly putting conservatives into virtual “ghettos”, tarnishing their name, and attempting to ruin them financially at every turn.

  6. This reminds me of the real reason that Parler was taken down.
    If half of the US had a real alternative to Twitter they would leave.
    Parler was getting to the point of becoming an alternative in the US market.
    Just a coincidence that the Silicon Valley monopolies all banned Parler when they banned Trump from Twitter?

    Just like the mafia they protect one another.

    Until a real alternative exists. All they will do is ban who they want and laugh at anyone who is upset by it.

  7. Bobby, thank you for this article and thank you for including that tweet by the Disney producer (Jack Morrissey) who tweeted about putting Magakids in a woodchipper. The double standard is beyond belief. the wokes truly are a gutless herd of sheep whose only joy comes from destroying other people.

  8. Irish pissant watches the Irishman and pretends he’s Bobby Deniro as if Deniro’s on Twitter after watching Irishman for the first time with some soda bread as if he isn’t a fucking progressive pussy producer at the Mickey Mouse company.

    • yea i tried that tonight talking to my apolitical wife…’we’s goin to disney’…was the answer..i simply suggested, that Disney is part of the problem…theres too many sheep..including my wife, shes a sheep that wont listen…

  9. the analogy/comparison is spot on, but its still taboo to discuss.

    its official that all media operations and entertainment hate at least half of America. 2021 may see the end of an aweful lot of liberal entertainment.

    hollyweird will have to reboot every movie ever made to eliminate un-popular-words-themes-characters …

    • You’re right, the analogy is exactly right. Totalitarians must not only control your life, but also what you think. They not only hate those who disagree, they hate God. In their minds, if God was real and good, he wouldn’t allow free will, he’d force everyone into some form of unity. So, they’ve decided that they will be god.

      And unlike the one true living God, they won’t show mercy and grace. And the only child they’ll sacrifice, will be yours.

  10. i feel bad for GC, she’s a martyr in the right left war…the left is hemorrhaging members because they are liars and fake tolerant…the right is actually becoming ‘far right, right, center right, center left’ because the far left cant get over 2016…it should be a great study going forward…

  11. This is the modern left. They will come for you if you don’t fall in line.

    We need to cancel the cancellers. Every single person that believes in freedom or the first amendment should cancel Disney + tomorrow. Tank their stock. Until the cancellers start getting canceled it will never end.

    Make no mistake about it they will come for outkick and FoxSports radio affiliates. Clay will be fine but what happens to the next one? Where will the next Clay Travis come from? There won’t be one unless this shit is stopped. Only 1 way to do it. Put it on hyperdrive until the cancellers either stop or are cancelled. Being against cancel culture is not enough. This has been a slow steady march that has happened for years and they have become bold and don’t even hide it now.

    • “Where will the next Clay Travis come from.” I asked myself the same question over the last few years. Even if there was, there won’t be another Portnoy, Travis or Stern with Big Tech censorship, cancel culture and the pronoun party. Parler’s the perfect example of this. It’s depressing.
      When shit hits the fan in the next two years amid the inevitable recession courtesy of Pamela and JB — Disney and others will really be fuckedL. Thousands of layoffs. Burning cash left and right. And then bang. Mini-2008.

  12. #canceldisney+
    I can’t think of any example in post Civil War America in which it were mainstream accepted to hate, fire, belittle, silence a huge group of Americans. We are in uncharted divisive waters

  13. With all of the cancelling taking place, I don’t understand why people with the financial means aren’t seeing this as an opportunity. Create a movie studio that is friendly to conservatives. Create a network to challenge Amazon so apps/sites like Parler can exist. The audience is there – most Americans are fed up with cancel culture and how people on the right are being silenced. The loudest voices on Twitter do not represent America!

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