Bryce Harper Helping Philadelphia Heal By Giving Away Shoe At The Airport

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Man of the People Bryce Harper is back at it right before spring training, walking barefoot through an airport just to make one fan’s life.

Yep. On a day where Philadelphia needs Harper more than ever, the two-time MVP delivered.

Harper’s wife, Kayla Harper, videoed her man walking through the airport missing one of his shoes after he apparently gave it away to one fan in lieu of an autograph.

According to Queen Harper, Bryce couldn’t find a sharpie to sign someone’s hat at the unnamed airport, so he instead found a pen, signed his left sneaker and gave it away.

Shoeless Bryce Harper walks barefoot through airport

That’s #MyMVP. I’ve been ride or die with Bryce Harper since Day 1, and he’s aged like fine wine.

And I don’t wanna hear it from any of you baseball purists out there, either. Give me Harper over Mike Trout any day of the week. Not even a thought. At least Bryce has an ounce of personality to him.

Also, nobody launches moonshots like this except Bryce Harper and maybe David Ortiz back in his prime. I’ll also accept Manny Ramirez and I’d encourage you to look up Manny’s walk-off in the 2007 ALDS. Electric.

Anyway, back to Shoeless Bryce Harper on Monday, who was happy as a lark to be trotting around a gross airport half-barefoot.

Classy move from a classy ballplayer.

Sad that we won’t get to see him on the field for a few months as he recovers from offseason Tommy John surgery, but at least that’ll give him time to find a new pair of sneaks.

Written by Zach Dean

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