Bri Teresi Felt Lucky On St. Patrick’s Day With Heels On The Course

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Bri Teresi saw Paige Spiranac’s golf course dress code TikTok late Friday and fired back with her own version of proper course attire.

And just to add a little flare, Bri even mixed in a little St. Patrick’s Day flare to spice things up.

It’s called going the extra mile, folks. Look it up.

Bri Teresi is coming for Paige Spiranac in the golf influencer world

Couple not-so-subtle haymakers from Bri Teresi here as the golf influencer game continues to reach new heights. Love the competition. Makes everyone better, and we’re all better for it, too.

Paige Spiranac has been on an absolute bender this past week, starting with a little jab at the new robot golf balls set to be introduced in 2026, and then transitioning beautifully into a little March Madness.

It was elite stuff from the pro’s pro.

Not to be outdone, Bri here took advantage of the yesterday’s holiday and got herself right back in the game. She wasn’t done, either.

Teresi also went right back to the St. Patrick’s Day well on her IG story, posting a couple more bangers before calling it a night.

What a time to be alive. Can’t wait to see where the next shot comes from.

Bri Teresi, Paige Spiranac golf influencer duel.
Bri Teresi is coming for Paige Spiranac.

Written by Zach Dean

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