Bill Maher: Liberals Suffering From A Nasty Case Of ‘Progressophobia’

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Liberal talk show host Bill Maher is suddenly starting to sound like a down-the-middle voice of reason, and lately has been taking a stand against the type of things that tend to annoy the majority of Americans — things such as cancel culture, politicians painting everyone as racist and homophobic, and overly dramatic and whiny millenials who (often foolishly) think they’re changing the world.

“If you think America is more racist now than ever, more sexist than before women could vote and more homophobic than when blow jobs were a felony, you have Progressophobia and you should adjust your mask because its covering your eyes,” Maher said during a recent broadcast.

And what is “Progressophobia?”

“That’s the phrase coined by Steven Pinker to describe a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognizing progress,” Maher said to some laughs from the crowd. “It’s like situational blindness, only what you can’t see is that your dorm in 2021 is better than the South before the Civil War.”

Maher went on to combat the ridiculousness of “wokeness,” saying that one its major flaws is that “what you say doesn’t have to make sense.”

A few months back, Maher talked about the idiocy of defunding the police. Before that, he ripped the liberal media for its inaccurate coverage of COVID-19. Ad before that, he insisted it was high time to “cancel cancel culture” and this era of hyper-sensitivity.

Is Maher beginning to make some sense on a regular basis? He sure does in his latest take. Check out the entire segment in the video below.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Conservatives always get excited whenever someone on the left remotely agrees with them on something. Bill Maher is not our friend. He’s not an ally. Yes, he may occasionally say something relatively coherent, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to join the GOP.

  2. It was interesting that Meathead, aka Rob Reiner, was sitting next to Maher as a guest. Now THAT guy is a far left douchebag. I agree with John that Maher is pretty left of center. However, most Hollywood libs would never deliver a reasonable monologue like this.

  3. John Easton is right. As soon as election season comes around Maher will be back to comparing Trump voters to ISIS. Maher and select liberals “kinda” speaking out against cancel culture never had a problem with it until woketards started coming after them.

  4. This guy is angling to gain more audience to add to his shrinking one. When media outlets report these “changes” from Maher, it gives him hope to gain more audience from the right.

    He hasn’t changed, he’s trolling for more people to watch the show.

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